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Which Pet Should Aquarius Get?

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From ancient times, people have been associated with raising and loving animals. Over time, people’s love for animals has changed. They are now even seen as their family members.

Having a pet can be really useful as they don’t make you feel lonely and would keep you entertained. They will also keep you aware of intruders.  But have you ever thought about which pet will suit you the best?? Maybe your zodiac has a role in it!! 

Things To Consider While Buying A Pet! 

Animals are living beings. They can fill a house with happiness. But one should make sure to buy a pet according to their taste and lifestyle. There are certain things they should consider before buying a pet. 

1) They should be aware and know enough about the animal they are planning to buy, including their lifespan. You should make sure you have enough time to attain their needs.

things to consider before buying a pet

If you want to own a cat or dog, you need to have an ample amount of time to devote to them. If you don’t have that much time, then it is advisable to adopt an animal that is less time demanding like a bird or a fish. 

2) Cost does play a significant role in buying and taking care of a pet. Hence, one should make sure they have enough money to handle the pet they want to buy. 

what should you consider before buying a pet

3) It can be challenging if the pet doesn’t match your lifestyle. It is advisable to choose and train a pet in a way that they can accommodate your lifestyle. 

Things to consider before buying a pet

4) There are chances of a person or their family member to have an allergic reaction to fur. It is preferable if one takes note of these things before buying a pet. 

Are you allergic to pets

5) Pet training is one of the necessary steps that many pets should go through. These training sessions give them an idea about behavior and teach them to do certain things on their own. Though it may require a lot of effort at times, the end results can be very fruitful. 

how to train pets

Pets That An Aquarius Can Consider Buying!! 

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is considered to be intelligent and quirky. Hence, their selection of animals should depend on the traits exhibited by them. Though they may love to have all sorts of animals for themselves, some of them have the capacity to melt their hearts to a great extent. Here are some of the animals which are best suited for an Aquarius person.

1. Birds

A bird, especially those with a range of talking skills and tricks, will probably intrigue an Aquarius. Birds are speedy and quick-witted who love flying around the sky. This sounds similar to traits exhibited by an Aquarius. Isn’t it? 

Aquarius pets

Usually, an Aquarius may love to have a canary in their house. But sometimes, a bright-colored cockatiel would be more preferable. They would love to teach them new tricks and things. 

Apart from being interesting creatures, they don’t need a lot of care and attention from their owners. Hence, it would be easier for them to mesh in an Aquarius lifestyle. 

2. Chameleon 

Chameleon can be an exciting choice for a pet. Their color-changing habits can be pretty entertaining for an Aquarian. These pets will have very low maintenance, which is again a plus point of owning them. However, this animal is not preferred as a pet. But who knows, your Aquarius friend or partner may love it!! 

Aquarius pets

3. Lab rats 

Again, a pretty interesting choice as a pet……….. Well, it is, at least for an Aquarius!! Lab rats, especially white ones, are loved by an Aquarius!! Lab rats are often used for scientific purposes because their system and brain functions are somewhat similar to ours.

Lab Rats

This makes them very unique and intriguing to them. Even though it can be considered as a weird choice for a pet, it can very much keep their Aquarius owner happy!!

4. Owls

Owls are known as shy and extroverted creatures. This trait of theirs is very much similar to an Aquarius who can relate to them. This animal is even called an Aquarius animal because people of this sign used to worship them for making a decision or finding a love connection. Now that’s interesting, right!! 


5. Miniature pig

Want a unique and different pet? What’s better than a miniature pig? Aquarius is known for their social, fun, easy-going, and quirky personality.

Miniature Pig

This pet can surely make it fun for an Aquarius and would go well with their playful nature. However, these traditional pets can be very difficult to own if you live in a flat or city area. Hence, one should make sure of their lifestyle and way of living before adopting such pets! 

6. Dogs

Dogs are one of the most common pets to own. They are more easily available as compared to other animals. However, one should consider a lot of things before actually adopting a dog. They should be well aware of dogs and their breeds. They should also know about their sizes.


If you are living with your family, you should discuss with them before actually buying a dog. Coming back to Aquarius, the breed of dog best suited for this zodiac sign is a poodle. These dogs are smart and chill! They can help a shy Aquarius to come out of their shells. Apart from poodles, other dog breeds like Havanese and Cardigan Welsh Corgi can be good dog breeds for an Aquarius. 

7. Cats

Another example of a common pet chosen by people, apart from dogs, is cats!  Cats are beautiful and independent creatures. Just like Aquarius, they are quite intelligent and cold at times. 


However, like every other human, each cat has their personality, which can decide if they blend well with its owners or not!! Considering an Aquarius with common traits, a cat breed with a rebellious and romantic nature would be the best for them. Cornish Rex could be a perfect breed for them!

They have very different and unique appearances and features. They are very far from boring and would love to play games and perform tricks like playing the piano!!

How To Take Care Of Pets?

Buying a pet can be easy if you have enough expenses. However, taking care of them can be a little hard at times. Adopting an animal is like a responsibility that one must fulfill by caring for them and keeping them happy! 

Here are a few of the steps that an Aquarius or any other person should follow to take care of their pets:

• You have to make sure you are feeding them at proper time intervals and giving them healthy and nutritious foods. 

• If you own pets like dogs, then you have to make sure to walk them around and outside for at least half an hour. 

• You have to make sure that their surroundings and places to stay are nice and clean. If they are not hygienic enough, it can pose a threat to their health. 

• Visiting the vet regularly is a must. They can check up if your pet is alright and let you know if there are problems. Apart from visits, you should also have enough time and knowledge to get them vaccinated. 

• Keep them away from dust and allergies as they can have some health issues due to this. 

• Take care of them and keep them happy. Animals are very innocent creatures who only expect love and care from you. When you keep them happy and talk to them, they become closer to you!! 

How to Care your pets

Should Aquarius Own a Pet?

Pets are one of the best things one can have in their life!! It brings a sense of companionship, love, and adorableness with them. No matter what you own, you cannot help but be connected with them. Though, an Aquarius may not be very much keen on buying a pet.

Should Aquarius Buy a Pet?

They can surely try owning one if they feel lonely and have someone to keep them entertained. But they do have to consider their finances, choice, and lifestyle before buying a pet. Since they prefer having unique pets, their options can be different too. Usually, birds are the most suited pet for an Aquarius!!

Do you have any other pets in mind for an Aquarius? 

We Wanna Know!! 

1) What Animal Should An Aquarius Get?

Aquarius is smart, intelligent, quirky, and unique. They love doing unusual things; hence, having a not-so-common pet would be great for them. They can go for pets like birds and chameleons since they are unique in their way. They can even teach them tricks and things and keep themselves entertained. Since chameleons are not preferred by many people, Birds are probably more suited for them. 

2) What Is An Aquarius Animal?

According to Greek mythology, the zodiac sign Aquarius’ animal was an owl. They were worshipped to find the connection between love and other problems. 

3) Do Aquarius Like Animals?

Well, it could be possible that an Aquarian can like an animal, but that chance is very low. Adopting a pet means taking up a responsibility which an Aquarius may not be very keen about. Burdening themselves with responsibilities may hinder their freedom which they may not like.

Due to their humanitarian nature,  they may still look out for some animals and care for them, like bringing them biscuits or feeding street dogs, but they may not take their total responsibility by adopting them.

4) Is It Easy To Choose A Pet?

No, it’s not!! One has to look into many factors before actually choosing a pet. These factors are considered after understanding both the pet’s needs and the owner’s lifestyle. Some of the factors that one should consider before buying a pet are-

• One should know the animal before buying it. They should be well aware of its breed, habits, and health conditions like allergies. By knowing about these, one can estimate the things he or she has to do in order to keep their pets happy 

• Owners should make sure to choose a pet who can match their lifestyle. You can’t adopt a cow if you live in a flat, right?  Every animal has its own requirements and environment in which they like to live. If the animal can’t cope up with the lives of their owners, then they will most likely become depressed and sad.

• If an owner is buying a pet like a dog or a cat, they must make sure they will be spending enough time with their pets. When it comes to animals like these, that is, dogs and cats, they usually need their owner’s attention and time. So it’s better to consider this before adopting them. 

• If you are busy, then it’s better to choose a pet who doesn’t require their owner’s much attention like birds. 

• It is essential to look after a pet’s health all the time. Hence it’s better to take them to a vet regularly. You can take them for a monthly checkup to make sure they are fit and fine. 

5) What Dog Breeds Are Best For An Aquarius?

The dog breeds most suited for an Aquarius are poodles, Cardigan Welsh corgi, Havanese, German shepherds, etc.

6) What Cat Breeds Are Best For An Aquarius?

The cat breed which is most suitable for an Aquarius is Cornish Rex.

7) What Would An Aquarius Dog Act Like?

You can imagine an Aquarius’ dog to be a bit like them. They are intelligent and smart. They can be rebellious and would love to take up new adventures. An Aquarius and their dog can go on long trips and have fun. They may be very friendly, but they might not get too close to many people. You know they can have their favorites!!

8) How Would An Aquarius Cat Act?

I feel all the cats kind of have that sassy vibe in them, making them mingle well with their Aquarius owner. Their cats will usually be friendly towards them. They are very smart and know how to entertain themselves. They can choose anything and everything as their toy. Their playful personalities can be adorable and funny!! 

Teertha Shetty
Teertha Shetty
Hey! I am Teertha Shetty. A 20-year-old student residing in Mangalore, India. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings by writing. I also enjoy reading poetry and am always up for interesting stories and content!


  1. Sweet article. I know one thing for sure, a real Aquarius will never get a pet that needs to be caged. As an admirer of independence, aquarius will prefer a pet who can be fun on his own, like a cat or a dog. I have an indie dog and he’s smart, free-spirited and can have fun on his own.


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