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Here’s Why Aquarius Are So Attracted To Taurus?

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Aquarius and Taurus are not the signs that you can consider as something precisely the same to each other. Both are different in their own ways! Astrologically, Aquarius is an air-fixed zodiac sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus, whereas Taurus is an earth-fixed sign ruled by Venus. Their planets allow these two zodiacs to hold great friendship among them like any other such pair of zodiacs, but what makes these two have an immense attraction towards each other? Why is Aquarius so attracted to Taurus? Before concluding, let’s look into the traits exhibited by these zodiacs and come up with an analysis as to what makes them complement each other so well! 

Aquarius Personality Traits 

This sign can definitely grab one’s attention by their charming and mysterious personality. They are known to be one of the smartest, sharp-minded, intelligent, and progressive people that you will see in your life! They are quirky and unpredictable. But if you become close to them, you will see their true nature! 

They are great at conversations and are capable of making friends from different walks of life. You can share everything with them, and they won’t judge you however, they may at times hesitate to share their emotions with you. They also hold strong humanitarian grounds and would stand up against injustice if they see one. 

Aquarius and Taurus

Taurus Personality Traits 

This sign is known for its care and nurturing capabilities. They are not the ones to hold themselves back from being free. This sign will have one of the most pure-hearted people you will ever see, but they may, at times, need a physical and mental space from their relationship. Even though they are free, they will always long for a love like a child for its mother. Though this sign might want to rule at times in a relationship, it can be completely opposite.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Compatibility With Taurus

An Aquarius needs a partner who can nurture their maturity and won’t judge them and their unpredictable ways. On the other hand, a Taurus needs a person who can take care of them in a mature manner and tend to their child-like needs in a relationship. 

Both these are therefore known to hold very different needs towards their partners. If they put in their efforts, their traits surely will complement each other well. Their differences make them attracted to each other. 

Aquarius and Taurus


Aquarius’ and Taurus’  traits play a significant role in their attractions. Taurus’ loving and nurturing nature will be very much attractive for an Aquarius. In contrast, Aquarius’ creativity can add fun to their relationship. Even though both these signs can be stubborn at times, a Taurus will still have a sense of stability with them, drawing an Aquarius towards them. A Taurus may also find an Aquarius charming due to their intellect and quirkiness. 

How Will A Taurus – Aquarius Relationship Work? 

Having a crush and being in a relationship are two different things!! Though both involve fascination and attraction towards your partner, the journey and experiences of being in a relationship with a person are far different from having just a crush. A relationship will expose you to all the flaws and negative traits of a person, which can never be noticed by simply knowing or observing them from afar. Apart from this, a relationship can also help you see how well you two can actually work out. 

Even though an Aquarius and Taurus may not be your most compatible zodiac signs out there, they sure know how to work out well!! The Taurus being the nurturing one, may provide their unconditional love in a relationship. They will provide the Aquarius with all the comfort and love that they crave in a relationship. On Aquarius’ part, these mature and sensible signs will take care of their Taurus partner. They will provide safety,  care and add a pinch of logicality and maturity to their relationship. 

Taurus being the ground sign has a grasp of reality, and Aquarius is an air sign that has an essence of freedom and independence. Both of them look for stability and may find peace in each other. They are similar yet different. This makes their relationship a beautiful sight of love,  care,  maturity, and trust! 

Aquarius and Taurus

What Makes A Taurus Perfect To Date An Aquarius? 

Even after not holding the perfect compatibility like other pairs of zodiacs, these two can still be considered ideal for each other. It’s their trait that makes it possible. A Taurus can have patience and are grounded enough for an Aquarius to open up and be in a relationship with them. Their energies blend really well together. They may hold different perspectives, but their efforts can definitely enhance their relationship. They can have one of the most emotional and intimate conversations as Taurus tends to be a generous and nurturing sign that puts logic into a conversation, making an Aquarius comfortable and free enough to open their Pandora box of ideas and creativity. 

There is a possibility that the Taurus might become a constant in life with no ideas and determination to move forward. At such times, Aquarius comes in and encourages them to keep going!! 

Both of them are very social and easy-going people to be around with. However, sometimes, they may need some ‘alone time’ away from everyone. This refreshes their minds and relaxes them. It can be problematic if their partners don’t understand this and keep clinging to them. Since these two zodiacs are aware of each other’s willingness to spend some time alone for themselves. They don’t feel neglected and would actually leave them alone when the other needs it. This can lead them to have a good understanding of each other in terms of respect and privacy. 

Aquarius and Taurus

Yin And Yang!!!!

Yin is a Chinese word for a female or moon. It represents darkness, Feminism, and earth. Yang, on the other hand, is also a Chinese word for sun or male. It represents light, masculinity, and the heavens. The balance of yin and yang is seen as something that represents its influence on the health and order of an individual within society and the entire universe. 

It analyzes an individual’s relationship with their internal as well as external environment. 

Coming back to Aquarius and Taurus, their energies can be symbolized as yin and yang. Taurus is often referred to acquire ‘yin’ or feminine traits despite their gender. In other words, Taurus, be it male or female, will usually possess yin traits due to their caring and nurturing nature. On the other hand, Aquarius will be having people who are creative and know exactly what to do. They may often take up the role of yang. Well, then how will they work together, you ask? 

It’s simple! Being practical and grounded, a Taurus’ life can be tasteless, and that’s where an Aquarius comes to spice things up! They add a sense of fun and freedom to their life and make them let loose and enjoy their space! 

Aquarius and Taurus

Balancing Each Other 

No matter how bold and extroverted an Aquarius is, they are not the ones to open up quickly when it comes to their emotions. They need time and assurance to open up. A Taurus will exactly do that! They will make their partners comfortable enough to go out of their shells and share their emotional turmoil. Their nurturing nature will comfort an Aquarius during their breakdowns. 

Aquarius will make sure to show their Taurus partner different sides of the world. They will show them and encourage them to take new paths in their life. They will keep them motivated and determined towards their goals. 

Aquarius and Taurus Love life

Are Aquarius Really Attracted To Taurus? 

An attraction between an Aquarius and Taurus is not about compatibility or similar perspectives. It’s actually their opposite traits that attract each other. An Aquarius, even though they won’t initiate gestures of comfort in the beginning, may expect their partner to do that. A Taurus has no problem in doing skinship due to their primary caring and nurturing nature. Hence, it is a huge plus point for an Aquarius. They are also patient enough to understand and give their Aquarius partner enough time to mingle well with them. Well, after seeing this, how can an Aquarius not be attracted to them?? 

Aquarius and Taurus

We Wanna Know!! 

1) Why Do Aquarius Like Taurus?

The relationship between Aquarius and Taurus is more like a case of opposite attractions! The Taurus’ calm and grounding persona can be attractive to an Aquarius. On the other hand, the Aquarius’ quirky and oddly charming persona will grab a Taurus’ attention.  When they come together, their differences will make them handle each other well, and hence there will be a high chance that these two will catch up with each other and have a good time together. 

2) Are Aquarius And Taurus Soul Mates?

Aquarius and Taurus may not be the best match when it comes to compatibility and similarities, but this couple can fall in love with each other’s differences. Their chemistry peculiarly lies there. You can say these two are the perfect example of ‘opposite attracts’!! Taurus’ patience will tame an Aquarius to comfort and bring them to the ground. They may even become ready for responsibilities and commitments. 

3) Are Aquarius And Taurus Compatible With Each Other?

Compared to other zodiacs, they may not hold a high level of compatibility, but if tried, they can definitely get along! Their opposite traits and differences may actually complete each other. A Taurus’ patience will make them understand their partners and give them ample amount of time to know about each other and develop a stronger connection. Aquarius, on the other hand, can spice up the boring life of Taurus. They will make their partners realize how amazing and fun life can be! They will encourage them to work hard and take risks. They will show them a whole new way of living a life with happiness and no boredom. 

4) Can Aquarius and Taurus be together?

Of course, they can be. Love doesn’t see two zodiacs! It just happens!! And when love happens, people will try their best to make a journey out of it, that too a successful one. An Aquarius and Taurus together can be pretty great as a couple if they understand and adjust to each other’s nature and needs. The Taurus should be more open to the weird ideas of Aquarius, and the Aquarius should try their best to appreciate the nurturing quality of Taurus. Their care for each other will make their feelings grow and bloom into a beautiful flower of love!!

5) What Are The Reasons That Taurus And Aquarius May Not Get Along?

The biggest reason a Taurus and an Aquarius may not get along is the difference in their desires and needs. Aquarius is an air sign who believes in flying up in the sky of freedom, whereas Taurus is more about being in reality and living routinely. This groundless freedom of Aquarius may seem too risky and crazy to a Taurus. On the other hand, the routine life of Taurus may seem too boring for an Aquarius. Apart from this, they may also differ in their way of showcasing love. 

A Taurus may be all out expressing their love, while an Aquarius may not feel like doing such things. Their differences in perspective may often create a clash between them. However, if they try to embrace their partner’s views and blend them with them, they can be a great combination!! All a Taurus should do is broaden their worlds and actually let loose, and while a Taurus is doing that, the Aquarius should focus on understanding the practicality and logicality of grounds. 

6) What Trait Of An Aquarius May Attract The Taurus?

An Aquarius is like a free bird who loves to explore and try new things. They are very fun and social creatures. They are also known to be smart and intellectual. These will most probably attract a Taurus towards them.  

7) What Trait Of The Taurus May Attract An Aquarius?

Taurus are known for their caring and nurturing nature. This is what an Aquarius craves from their partner. Apart from this,  the Taurus are known for their patience, giving an Aquarius enough time to get comfortable with them. Taurus is practical and may help an Aquarius to know about the ground and its originality. These traits of Taurus are most likely to attract an Aquarius. 

8) Can An Aquarius Fall In Love With Taurus?

Yes, they can! As I said before, love doesn’t need zodiacs and their compatibility. It just happens when two people click together. At that time, no matter how different they are from each other, they will definitely work hard to make their connection a successful one. Similar is the case of Aquarius and Taurus, they may be different, but their feelings and efforts will eventually make them complement each other and lead a beautiful life!! 

Teertha Shetty
Teertha Shetty
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