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Why Are Aquarius so Forgotten And/or Underrated?

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When you hear or see the sign ‘Aquarius,’ what’s the first thing that pops up in your mind? Maybe the term ‘aqua’ in the word ‘Aquarius’ means water, and that’s why this sign is misunderstood as the water sign. But Aquarius is an air sign that brings nutrients to the earth as water bearers. So they stick to their beliefs and appear to resist classification.

Overall, Aquarians are self-sufficient, smart, free-spirited, innovative, and have excellent observational skills. Apart from these qualities, other characteristics make Aquarius a very different sun sign. So we can observe that not all. 

Aquarians are active and enthusiastic. Some of them are calm and composed too. They generally don’t care about others’ perceptions of them. Instead, they need plenty of time and space to think about new ideas and are generally moody. 

Because of many strong opinions of Aquarians, people feel that too many cooks in the same kitchen. But apart from being the humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius are so forgotten or/and underrated. 

Now we’ll look at the reasons behind this fact.

Five Reasons why Aquarius are forgotten or underrated

Aquarius are the first sign to be born after Leo, Aries, and Cancer. These three signs signify success and popularity. Although Aquarius are often seen as a bit on the geeky side, they also possess leadership qualities that can change the world.

1. They have Different Opinions

They want to be unique in the crowd, no matter what the majority is saying. They’ll stick to their opinion. And because of this, people find them Rebellion in nature.

Which zodiac signs are brutally honest?

But the fact is they choose between what’s right or wrong for them instead of the parameter of majority or minority.

2. They are social butterflies but sometimes isolated.

Aquarians love to hang out with people who have similar opinions and nature like them. They explore as much as they can. But sometimes, they isolate themselves to find their inner peace and to work upon them. This habit creates an antisocial image of being antisocial in front of others.

3. Their emotions can be easily seen on their faces.

We always don’t need words to figure out if someone is mad at us or not, but facial expressions can say a lot. Aquarians generally wear emotions on their face. So, you might have seen your Aquarian friend’s furious say even though he/she said everything is alright.

Are Aquarius Emotional Fools?

4. They don’t want to get acknowledged for their work.

Aquarians are generally the humanitarian of the zodiac signs. They are the social workers who help others get them out of their problems, but they don’t feel good when some acknowledge them. They believe in humanity but not in popularity. People find this fact Very weird about them.

5. They care a lot more than they show.

If you think that you can hurt an Aquarian by your words and deeds, then you’re wrong. They care a lot about their feelings and are less expressive. So, if they are not saying, they want to talk about the situation.

What does it mean to care for the world?

What’s The Story Behind Aquarius Personality?

While reading the newspaper, we all go through the section of zodiac signs and check our horoscope. Our zodiac sign depends upon our Date Of Birth.

But have you ever wondered how zodiac signs are represented and how they originated? It was represented in ancient times by the constellations in the night sky. During the 2nd Century AD, they were classified by using today’s names. 

During that period, Ptolemy discovered all the star signs and formed the zodiac family during that period. The Greco-Roman repeatedly employed the tales of Babylonia and Mesopotamia. The ancient world’s mythology revolves around the tales of gods and goddesses.

Today, in this blog, we’ll be focusing on Aquarius. It is one of the constellations of the zodiac sign family through which the sun passes once a year.

Aquarius Mythology: A Sneak Peek Into The Aquarius Inception

Aquarius is situated between Capricorn and Pisces and does not align with Gemini’s constellation. This water bearer (“aqua”) sign is undoubtedly the most innovative, snowy, and humanitarian.

During the 2nd Century AD, it was first recorded by Ptolemy, but it was earlier mentioned in Babylonian star catalogs as the “Great One.”

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign. Various perceptions have been made for this air sign. The Babylonians considered this constellation the ‘Overflowing Urn,’ which merged with torrential rains in the year’s eleventh month. On the other hand, Egyptians viewed it as Hapi, i.e., Neil’s deity. 

Greek God Zeus

In the other event, there was a handsome young man named ‘Ganymede,’ son of a dardania. According to Greek mythology, once the Trojan prince was herding sheep. When Zeus, King of gods, came down like an eagle, he was captivated by the beauty of the young man. He wanted to take’ Ganymede to Mount Olympus, the Home of Greek Gods. 

So, he snatched him with his claws and brought him back to Mount Olympus. He made him the cupbearer of the Greek God and goddess. His father, Tros, was not happy that Zeus took Ganymede from him. Instead, Zeus reimbursed the loss by sending a messenger with some beautiful horses. 

The horses compensated for the loss of the father. He felt proud and happy that his son became the cupbearer of immortals. After some time, Zeus must have had enough of Ganymedes. That was the time when Zeus put him in the stars, and that’s what became the constellation Aquarius.

Are Aquarius People Strange?

People find’ Aquarians’ a bit peculiar and strange because of their puzzling behavior. But it’s human behavior to act weirdly sometimes. Even the fittest in the room doesn’t have control over his or her emotions. It’s natural to become tired. And it’s completely to take a break from things and even from people. 

Why are Aquarius so strange

Not only ‘Aquarius’ but even the Proud Fire signs, i.e., Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, feel demotivated sometimes. So it’s not possible to hide emotions all the time. That’s the reason when ‘Aquarians’ burst out, people found the sign as underrated and misunderstood them as a negative and impatient sign. In the end, we can say that “it’s perfect to be imperfect.”


1. What is Aquarius' darkest secret?

Aquarians have a bad habit of overthinking, and they don’t let others know about the things which stress them out. Apart from the happy side, they have a rebellious and cold side.

2. Why is Aquarius so underrated?

Generally, Aquarians are mysterious because they isolate themselves to gain peace and energy at a point in time. And this isolation often leads to people thinking that they are a bit antisocial which results in considering them as underrated.

3. Which Zodiacs are underrated?

The most underrated and misunderstood zodiac signs are Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Virgo.

4. Why is Aquarius the least common sign?

Due to the crossover period between January and February and the least number of births in these months resulting in Aquarius being the rarest zodiac sign.

5. Why are Aquarius emotionally distant?

Aquarians are free-spirited individuals who love their own company. Sometimes they are considered emotionally unavailable, but it’s not true. Instead, they express their emotions and feelings to their close ones.



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