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Aquarius Birthstones – The Ultimate Guide

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Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign of astrology, and that means they get to choose their own birthstones. This sign consists of mentally sharp-witted people, but they won’t be that great when it comes to emotions. They value knowledge and freedom. They have a drive-in them to liberty and wouldn’t like being restricted or tied down with something or someone. 

Your zodiac signs are associated with your birth months, and these months are related to certain gemstones which can convert your luck from bad to good! Each gem has its specialty and purpose. Let’s look into the most popular Aquarius birthstones that you should know!!

What Are Birthstones?

Birthstones are different gemstones that are associated with one’s birth month. Each stone holds unique property and has its own importance. They are known to bring good luck and wellness. 

Regarding the evolution of birthstones, these are known to be traced back to the time of the Bible. In Exodus 28, special garments for Aaron, the high priest of the Hebrews, were made, whose breastplate had twelve gemstones, showcasing the twelve tribes of Israel. These were birthstones! And as mentioned earlier, every zodiac will have its own set of gemstones. Since we are learning about Aquarius, let’s focus on that zodiac sign and its birthstone!

What Are The Aquarius Birthstones?

Being a zodiac sign with a high IQ but low EQ, Aquarius are more prone to anxiety, depression, and fear. After all, they are a karmic sign ruled by Rahu and Saturn.

However, using birthstones, Aquarius can convert all their energy into something productive and channel it to the right path. These gemstones are known to bring those elements in their sign that might help them sort out their problems and lead a peaceful and contented life!

The major birthstones of Aquarius include Amethyst and Garnet. Apart from these two, other gemstones can be considered beneficial for this sign, such as Sugilite, Jasper, Agate, Turquoise, Albite, Lithium quartz, Agrellite, Cryolite, Amber, Blue obsidian, Maori greenstone, Boji stones, Hematite, Magnetite, and Angelite.

1. Amethyst

This purple-colored gemstone, representing calmness and serenity, is considered one of the most powerful gemstones for an Aquarius born in February. It is believed to hold the same amount of energy as Uranus, the ruler of this zodiac. Its points include the healing powers and Violet flame energy of St. Germaine, who is an ascended master. These energies are strong enough to increase inner strength and are said to be very useful in breaking and leaving addictions.

Due to the exhibition of this property, these stones are also commonly known as ‘sobriety stones.’ This stone is believed to bring stability, peace, courage, and a balance in one’s life. Its healing property also helps in curing headaches and insomnia. This stone also treats any pain relief and arthritis.

This gemstone is widely used in jewelry, and an Aquarius wearing such jewels can expect these energies to heal them or positively affect them.

Due to its connection with crown and third eye chakra, this gem spiritually deepens intuition and promotes thinking at higher and advanced levels.

Favorite Aquarius Birthstone

2. Garnet

This glorious red gemstone is known for being one of the most powerful stones for Aquarius. It is known for imbibing truth, love, and purity in one’s life. This gemstone is known for bringing a sense of warmth and happiness in the cold and closed-off hearts of Aquarius. This gemstone is even known for its commitments.

Aquarius people are usually the ones to back out from commitments. They are freedom-lovers who don’t like getting tied down or caged in harsh reality. This gemstone tends to bring a sense of responsibility and makes an Aquarius brave enough not to run off from obligations and commitments.

Here, commitments do not only imply only romantic relationships. It can mean commitments in dreams, jobs, or any other work too. This shiny red-colored gem can be used in jewelry that Aquarius men and women can wear. This gemstone infuses deep spirituality in an Aquarius.

Favorite Aquarius Gemstone

3. Jasper

Aquarius equals freedom. Their desire to gain freedom will make them fly in the sky, unaware of the ground. This isolates an Aquarius from the ground of reality that makes it difficult for them to lead life. When they finally come face to face with the practicality of the world, they may find it challenging to cope with the struggles that come with it. 

Jasper, also known as green rhyolite or rainforest jasper, actually works as a grounding birthstone for Aquarius. This gem connects with the heart chakra and is believed to have healing energies for emotional, heart, love, or any matter related to feelings.

It is advisable to wear a long chain of this stone to fall over the heart chakra and attract positive energies. This gem keeps us focused and determined towards their goals and tries to keep their emotions stable on emotional levels. This stone gives endurance to them, making them strong enough to face any reality and never back away from any situation. On spiritual levels, they clear base chakras and help in increasing their life force energy.

Aquarius Birthstone

4. Agate

This stone with distinct shades and tones is a fantastic gem for Aquarius, especially when they need to focus on their inward issues. This gem keeps an Aquarius grounded and maintains a balance in their lives. It also increases their self-confidence and capability to sort out their issues and problems.

Physically, it plays a significant role in improving our metabolic rates, keeping us healthy. Emotional levels keep stability and balance in feelings, leading a person to make the right decision in their relationship matters. Its spirituality keeps an Aquarius grounded to the earth. 

Even though these stones are available in different shades, baby blue and moss-colored agate are the most widely used states.

Aquarius Gemstone

5. Sugilite

This is one of the rarest Aquarius birthstones. They are often seen in shades of pink and purple. These stones are known for raising spirituality in a person. It helps Aquarius to take out their worries and stress, making them live a content life. This stone is all about freedom in the sense of letting go of their unnecessary thoughts and breaking free from the bonds that hold them from dreaming high.

Sugilite is known to provide clarity and cure conditions like headaches. On emotional grounds, this stone teaches the art of letting go and makes Aquarius forgive. On spiritual grounds, it helps in channelizing one’s psychic abilities and stronger spiritual callings.

Aquarius Birthstones

6. Turquoise

These are one of the oldest stones in history. This bluish-green with copper shade gem is known to give clarity in thoughts. It teaches Aquarius a softer way of showcasing their communicating skills since they can be pretty harsh during those times.

On physical and health grounds, it helps in curing respiratory ailments and increases immunity. On Spiritual and mental grounds, it helps keep a clear mind with help in meditation and giving a life full of satisfaction. 

Aquarius Birthstone

7. Lithium Quartz 

This stone is known for being powerful and bringing gentleness into an Aquarius’ life. This healer keeps a balance between the brain and emotions. It prevents emotional and mental problems and brings peace and serenity to one’s life. Aquarius, being more of a mental sign, is prone to get into depression, anxiety, and stress. This may lead them to become sad and have anger issues. This stone heals grief and anger.

This also deals with emotional issues of past lives. An Aquarius wearing jewelry with lithium quartz will help them in relieving stress. It always encourages you to become better than yourself. Such self-improvement always keeps a person going toward progressive ways.

Most Common Aquarius Gemstone

8. Agrellite

This pale peach-colored stone was named Agrellite in honor of Stuart Argill, who worked as a geologist at the University of Cambridge. This stone was first discovered in Kipawa, a complex in Quebec, Canada. The special property of this gem is that it reacts to ultraviolet light, and in its mid-range, it gives a fluorescent pink glow to the stone.

This gem excels in making a person come face to face with their inner selves. It brings out inner emotions and issues to the surface. It encourages your inner potential, which even you didn’t know you had! Agrelite showcases self-respect and independence. On physical grounds, it detects blockages within a body. It recognizes differences in the aura and will respond to it accordingly. It also helps in the withdrawal of addictions. 

Most common Aquarius Birthstone

9. Cryolite

This is a divine stone that is known for its capacity to develop a strong connection to angelic realms. The name cryolite ( also known as ice stone) is due to its white and crystalline appearance. These gems symbolize spiritual growth, love, and truth. This gem generates awareness about one’s self and enables light body awakening.

Due to the presence of siderite in it, this potent stone is known to bring a lot of happiness and contentment to one’s life. This gem is full of positive attributes. Due to its resonance with throat chakra and association with third eye chakra, this gem is known to have amazing healing properties in treating eye infections. It can be very effective in treating speech problems.

As mentioned earlier, on a spiritual basis, it has the capability to connect to higher realms. This can inspire these people to live a fun and good life. It enhances spiritual growth and awakening.

Cryolite Gemstone

10. Amber

This amber gemstone is known to have the soul of a tiger. This courageous stone is used in jewelry and other decorative objects and items. This cannot be considered a true gemstone because it is a fossilized tree resin that is about 30 to 90 million years old. There are various colors in which these gemstones are found. They can be golden, yellow, or red. The red ones, however, are rare. 

Recently, a blue-colored amber was discovered. This gem is known for bringing good fortune. Their healing properties include relief from headaches, boosting immunity, and clearing of minds. On mental and emotional grounds, this stone helps with emotional stability and prevents fear and anxiety. It avoids negative thoughts and helps in choosing a path of wisdom. An Aquarius learns patience through this stone.

This stone can be really helpful to those who are mentally stressed and full of negativity. 

Aquarius Birthstone

11. Blue Obsidian 

The blue obsidian gemstone accounts for grounding, protection, and transmutation. These help in visionary ideas and meditation. Being a throat chakra, this stone encourages communication of all sorts and language skills. It helps them with an abundance of knowledge while traveling. This divine stone has the capability of developing psychic and psychometric abilities. This stone encourages creativity and uniqueness.

Aquarius Birthstones

12. Albite

This stone is all about the mind and its memory development. The energy of this stone has the capacity to activate a third eye which might develop intuitive capabilities. The name ‘albite’ is derived from a Latin word that means white. This is because it was found in pearly white color when the first time this stone was discovered.

However, in later years, the stone was discovered in many other shades. They can be existing in shades like reddish-brown, brown, pink, grey, blue, and even colorless. This stone associates itself to crown chakra since it is known for stimulating the brain and logical thinking.

Albite helps in creating a balanced way of thinking and will provide you with a life full of stability and equity. 

Albite stone can be extremely beneficial for students who need to have a sharp memory and a unique way of thinking. 

On health grounds, it can have great healing properties. It deals with several health issues and problems associated with the brain.

This stone is also known as ‘bolster’ because of its mind, memory, and inspiration stimulating attributes.

Albite Gemstone

13. Maori Greenstone

Maori greenstone or pounamu stone are traditional stones that are commonly gifted to family descendants or close friends. These stones are known to hold the energies of ancestors.

There is a belief that people with these stones can contact their ancestors in the spirit world. This stone is found in diverse shades of green and carries mystical energy that gives a long lifespan.

The history and name of this stone come from the Maori community, who are the original natives of New Zealand. This stone is associated with both heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. It encourages self-growth and deals with depression, fear, and anxiety. Due to this association with the heart chakra, there is an input of healing power or chi in the body.

This stone is also used in infertility cases. It is a motivational stone that energizes you when you are tired or lacking strength.

Due to the involvement of heart-related chakra, this stone can help cure heart, lungs, and circulatory ailments. They even treat vein-related problems and stabilize cholesterol. Their healing properties support the assimilation of vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin D. They are also believed to be involved in nucleic acid structures and organizations.

Aquarius Birthstone

14. Boji Stones

According to sources, these big stones are trademarked names for Kansas pop rocks. Kansas pop rocks are stones that come from natural pyramids formed in the USA’s state of Kansas.

These stones can have two forms- the one which is covered by ridges is known as ‘masculine, and the one with a smooth surface without ridges is ‘feminine. They are marketed as balancing stones that work on the balancing of yin and yang energy. This is because these stones are believed to produce yin and yang energy.

Due to their dull, dark, and big appearance, they are not usually preferred in jewelry. Small stones are rather thought to be carried around than getting inserted within a jewel. However, carrying them around in pockets and wallets can affect its power due to the presence of hindrance in the form of other things in purses or pockets.

Aquarius Birthstone

15. Hematite

This is an element of iron or metal, which is known to work and help you in your spiritual journey. Hematite, when found, had iron content covered in rust. Due to this, it looked red. This red appearance became the reason if its nickname ‘bloodstone.’ 

Hematite was known for its wide usage in ancient times, especially in Rome. This stone was mainly used for jewelry, decorations, and even armor and weapons. Its dark and red color appearance gave it an intimidating and protective look.

Its nature is equilibrium. It works on balancing energies between our soul and physical body. Its nature is to balance yin yang energies.

It is an ideal nurturing stone that helps you lead on to the spiritual path and heal you by confronting your past in a slow and soothing way. In short, this stone is all about spiritual growth and its acceptance.


16. Magnetite

This stone is majorly associated with a Base chakra. This greyish or iron-black color is metallic in nature. It holds power over attraction and repulsions. It can excite our energy levels and can also calm us down when needed. Due to this strong positive and negative polar behavior, it can work well as a grounding stone. It helps you in meditation and makes you visualize. It can be very helpful for an Aquarius who finds it hard to create a balance between mind and heart. 

Due to their opposite polarity, this stone can help an Aquarius with love and commitments.

Any Aquarius person who is struggling with their commitments and feelings can keep this metallic stone with them. It is also known for inducing love.

Aquarius Birthstone

17. Angelite

Angelite, also known as anhydrite or angel stone, was discovered in Peru. The term is derived from a Greek word ‘ ‘Anhydras,’ which means without water. The name and its meaning have to do with its composition that involves dehydrating or removing water from gypsum.

It is discovered in various shades of blue ( glacier and lilac-blue) and white center with white flecks or brown and rusty inclusions. 

This gemstone is known for its spiritual growth. It is strongly believed to create an awareness regarding spirituality. It is known for having serene and soothing effects. Angelite supports an Aquarius against fear and anxiety and helps in anger management. Its blue color makes it strongly associated with three chakras that are- crown chakra, third eye, and throat chakra. This stone symbolizes and believes in smooth communication and self-expression. 


18. Labradorite

This semi-precious gemstone is known for its positivity and health. This stone of magic is believed to awaken one’s magical and psychic abilities! This gemstone of the feldspar family creates a soothing effect on an Aquarius’ minds and calms them down. These stones will make them focus on creative aspects of their minds.

It is also known as rainbow moonstone. This stone is ruled by Uranus and is associated with the throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Though its major zodiacs are Leo, Sagittarius, and Scorpio, it can work well with an Aquarius too!!

Zodiac Birthstone Labradorite

19. Blue Sapphire

This gemstone is considered one of the lucky gemstones for an Aquarius. The blue Sapphire gemstone is helpful in progressive thinking and leads to success in the lives of its wearer.

Aquarius Gemstones

20. Lapis Lazuli

This stone symbolizes purity. This Aquarius stone, though rare, is believed to evoke creativity and awareness of an Aquarius. It is blue in color and is ruled by Saturn, which is the ruler of this zodiac along with Uranus.

Aquarius Birthstones

21. Blue Hyacinth

There is a mention of this birthstone in the book ‘Book of Revelation’. Even the last book of the Bible mentions ‘hyakinthos’ as the 11th foundation stone, therefore, becoming an Aquarius birthstone. The ancient Hyacinth had a blue color similar to that of a Hyacinth flower and totally different from today’s Hyacinth, which is more of warm-colored stones.

Gemstone for Zodiacs

22. Aquamarine

Having a similar shade as blue Hyacinth, even this gemstone is considered an Aquarius gemstone. It is associated with Uranus, an Aquarius ruling planet, and is produced from mineral beryl.

Most Common Aquarius Gemstone

23. Opal

According to gem therapy, opal is said to have powerful healing properties. When met with correct zodiacs like Aquarius, they can work exceptionally well. This rare gemstone has its name derived from ancient Sanskrit, which means precious stone. However, some experts believe that this originated from the Greek word, which means eye of the stone.

There is a wide range of varieties in opals. They include- black opal, fire opal, Ethiopian opal, and noble opal.

Opal stones are believed in the cleansing of necessary body fluids. The reason behind this belief is the presence of water content in them. It helps with fears, anger management, and depression. It also cures conditions like insomnia.

On spiritual grounds, this stone improves our intuition and meditation abilities.

It is believed that keeping an opal above the base chakra helps with muscle contractions. Similarly, placing them above solar plexus chakra helps with hunger generation, and above heart chakra will improve our skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

This gemstone is known to work very well with Aquarius and Gemini.

There have been several myths and rumors revolving around this gemstone. Despite having so many benefits, many legends state that this gem was responsible for bringing bad luck to its owners. In the Middle East, this stone was believed to have power over invisibility. Hence, it became one of the most common stones to be stolen by thieves of that time.

Ultimate Guide on Gemstones

Garnet – The Traditional January Birthstone for Aquarius

One of the major Aquarius birthstones, garnet, is known as a stone for strength. This red-colored gem is associated with the birth month, January, and is known to hold its significance over the Aquarians that are born in this month, that is, January. This gem symbolizes friendship and trust. The name ‘garnet’ is called so because of its similarity to the fruit pomegranates. Some Garnets hold their resemblance to the seeds of this fruit. 

This stone is believed to bring good fortune in the form of love, health, loyalty, and friendship for those born in January. It does exist in colors like green and yellow, but red ones are more known.

This gem is also traditionally gifted by married couples on their 2nd and 18th anniversaries. Hence, it is safe to say that an Aquarius, born in January, can have their own share of good luck by keeping these stones close to them. What do you think?

Amethyst – A Traditional February Birthstone for Aquarius

Amethyst, a gemstone found in various shades and tones of purple, is known for being the birthstone of Aquarius, especially of those born in February. The stone is believed to have healing properties that cure addictions and help a person to have a balanced mindset.  This name is derived from an ancient Greek term that means intoxicated. 

Like garnet, even this stone is traditionally gifted by married couples but on their 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries!!

Traditional And Modern Birthstones

Traditional birthstones, also known as ancient birthstones, are known to have originated in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. However,  in 1912, the national association of Jewellers amended this list of traditional birthstones and created a modern list naming it as modern birthstones. These included transparent gems.

There have been many additions to this chart over the years. Some of the recent additions by jewelers are spinel, citrine, and tanzanite.

However, both traditional and modern charts show garnet and Amethyst for January and February birthstones.

Purifying An Aquarius Birthstone 

Purifying an Aquarius birthstone is a ritual that some believe can be used to cleanse both the person and the stone.
According to an ancient text, it is said that by chanting spells at night, you can purify stones.
An old spell for this process goes as follows: “Spirits of the living world, I call on you. Purify my Aquarius stone with your power.

Gemstones, over time, may lose their energy due to constant balancing, repulsion, and attraction of energies. Hence, it becomes a necessity to keep cleaning them after heavy sessions or a few days’ time span.

Methods to clean these gemstones are very easy. You can simply wash it with water and dry it. However, make sure to realize the water temperature. Warm water is generally not advised for cleaning.

We should also avoid intense scrubbing as it can damage its surface. You can also keep them with other quartz stones for some time, resulting in soaking up their energies. Apart from these methods, you can also try the method of placing them in soil and mineral water. You can also charge your Aquarius stone’s energy by placing their slant to moonlight or in the sun for a short period of time.

Significance Behind An Aquarius Birthstone 

The zodiac sign Aquarius, in astrological charts, is positioned in the sky where the sun was during their time of birth which is January 21 to February 19. The zodiac symbol for Aquarius includes both the scales to represent balance in life as well as water to represent how deeply emotions can run.

The ruler of this zodiac, Uranus, rules over Amethyst which claims to infuse both positive and negative traits of personality. It is believed that wearers of the birthstone will benefit from its healing and spiritual properties. .

Interesting Facts About Aquarius Birthstones

  • Amethyst, ruled by Uranus, is known to hold the same energy as Uranus and hence, is considered the most powerful birthstone for Aquarius. The ancient Greeks believed amethyst would keep one’s head cool and protect them from intoxication.
  • Garnet symbolizes peace and trust. It is strongly believed that if a garnet wearer dies something good, more good fortune will be showered on them!!
  • Both Garnet and Amethyst are traditional anniversary gifts for married couples.
  • Native Americans strongly believe that an Aquarius birthstone can cure you of deadly poison!!

Use Of An Aquarius Birthstones

The most effective way of using your birthstone is by effectively pressing them against the skin. In order to keep maximum skin contact, usually, these stones are worn as jewelry. You can also keep them with you in your purses, but the effect is not guaranteed!

Wearing your favorite stone may allow you to heal a specific area of importance by keeping the energy of healing stones within the auric field. 

Gemstones That Aquarius Needs in Life!

Usage of these birthstones depends on how and where you keep them. It is preferable to keep your body in contact with stones. Keeping them away may negate their powers. You can wear them as jewelry or ornaments. Keep decorative items and objects of such stones in your house. You can even keep them in your lockers, drawers, or purses.

With their appropriate usage, you should also make sure your stones hold their powers and are purified. You can clean them with water and dry them. In addition, you can keep them in company with other quartz, who will absorb their negative energies. You can keep them in mineral water, sun or moonlight. These methods recharge them after long or excessive usage.

Before selecting a particular stone, a person should thoroughly look into all its attributes. Not all stones go with Aquarius. Some stones may clash with your planets and may bring misfortunes to you.

It is important to determine what stone goes with your zodiac sign and how it can influence you. Being an Aquarius, you have a variety of options for gemstones from which you can select. Hence, it is preferable to use and keep those stones that you need in your life!! 

We Wanna Know!!

1) What Is The Birthstone Of Aquarius?

The major birthstones of an Aquarius include Garnet and Amethyst. However, there are other gems too that can be used as birthstones by an Aquarius. Some of those are Jasper, Agate, Sugilite, Turquoise, Cryolite, etc.

2) What Colour Is A Major Aquarius Birthstone?

If we are talking about major Aquarius birthstones, Garnet is usually red, and Amethyst is purple.

3) Is It Necessary Or Mandatory For An Aquarius To Have A Birthstone?

Well, honestly, there’s no compulsion. It is totally dependent on a person’s belief. If Aquarius believes in birthstones and their condition, they can very much abide by it. However, if the Aquarian is a non-believer, he can surely live away from these stones.

4) What Stones Should An Aquarius Avoid?

It is believed that an Aquarius should avoid wearing pearls and gold. 

5) How To Purify An Aquarius Birthstone?

There are many ways of doing so. You can clean it with water and simply dry it by dabbing them. Make sure not to keep them in hot or warm water. Avoid scrubbing the surface. You can also purify them by keeping these stones with quartz which soak negative energies. You can also keep them in mineral water or sunlight or in the moonlight at slant angles for a short period of time.

6) How To Use Aquarius Stones?

Stones work best when kept physically close to the body. There is a chance of having a lower effect or power of it on you if kept away. Gemstones are beautiful, shiny (some), and glorious in appearance, which allows one to have them with them all the time as a jewel on their body. Apart from jewelry, many decorative items can be made from these stones. They can also be simply kept at a place like in a box or a purse.

7) What Is A Tiger's Eye?

Tiger’s eye is a stone given to travelers for protection. In ancient times, these stones were used as a talisman against curses and misfortunes. They were believed to keep their owner or wearer protected from evil. It is known for good luck and brings wealth and success.

8) Can Aquarius Wear A Tiger's Eye?

No! An Aquarius cannot wear a tiger’s eye. The reason? Well, the Tiger’s eye is good for only those zodiac signs whose ruling planets won’t clash with the planets of these stones, that is, sun and mars. The sun and Mars are enemies of Venus and Saturn. Hence, with Saturn ruling over it,, Aquarius will clash with the sun and mars of Tiger’s eye.

9) How would a Tiger's eye affect an Aquarius?

After wearing a tiger’s eye, it may be hard for an Aquarius to control their temper or anger. Hence, it is usually advisable not to wear them.

10) What Is The Lucky Metal For An Aquarius?

Iron can be really lucky for an Aquarius since its ore, hematite, is considered one of the best and lucky stones for Aquarius.

11) Is there any change in modern and traditional birthstones of January and February?

Actually, no! Though there might be a few additions and deletions in both the charts, some months have different modern birthstones and traditional birthstones. But fortunately, for January and February, it’s the same for Garnet and Amethyst, respectively.

Summary And Final Thoughts On Aquarius Birthstones

Aquarius, a fixed air sign that represents water bearers. Being in the 11th position, they stand in the last but one spot out of a total of 12 zodiacs. They represent winter. Due to the sun’s position, during their birth month, they may tend to have certain positive and negative personality traits. Their positive traits include creative, free, and progressive minds, intellectualism, and sharp-wittedness. Their negative personality traits include stubbornness, rebellious nature, overconfidence, unemotional, and the feeling of superiority over others. 

They love and worship freedom and independence and are known to achieve what they truly desire. But what if nothing is going their way? It may be due to some plus and minus of elements in their zodiacs! Who knows?

There are a few birthstones relating to every individual’s zodiac sign depending upon their birth months. These stones aid in bringing those elements in your charts that will surely get you good results. That’s why these stones are known for bringing good fortune in terms of physical, mental, and social health and wealth.

There are many birthstones that can be held accountable for bringing good luck to an Aquarius. However, there are just two gemstones that can be majorly considered as their main birthstones. They are Garnet and Amethyst.

Garnet, a glamorous red-colored stone, symbolizes courage and strength. It brings trust, loyalty, love, and friendship. It is a traditional as well as modern stone for an Aquarius born in January.

On the other side, Amethyst is a gorgeous purple-hued gemstone that symbolizes serenity and imbibes calmness in one’s life. It is known for its healing properties and is also called ‘sobriety stone since it treats people with addictions. It is a traditional as well as a modern gemstone for those Aquarius who are born in the month of February.

Apart from these two stones, various other stones can work with Aquarius like sugilite, agate, opal, lithium quartz, Agrellite, Angelite, and many more! 

So, what do you think? Which gemstone will go with you and your zodiac?

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