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Ignoring An Aquarius – Does This Move Pay Off?

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There can be many reasons for ignoring a person. Some do it to see if the other cares or not, some do it because they had a fight with them. One can expect several reactions from a person they are ignoring, but could you expect a reaction from a zodiac sign like Aquarius, who don’t usually express their emotions? How do you think an Aquarius would react? Would they just leave you or try hard to get you? Let’s see-

What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Man?

Aquarius men are known for having one of the most intellectual and charming personalities. They are clever and sharp-witted people who love to converse with different types of people around them. However, when it comes to talking about feelings and emotions, they often lag behind. They are often seen as cold and distant due to their lack of showcase in emotions. But surprisingly, in any close relationship, especially a love relationship, if they are getting ignored, you can expect many reactions. What are they? Let’s have a look!

1. I Wanna Breakup!!

Aquarius men hate to be ignored!! Even though they may not be perceived as someone who will be sharing every emotion with you, they do expect some comfort!! They find it extremely frustrating if one doesn’t listen to them and ignore them. It could be a big turn-off for them, eventually leading them to break up with you. Therefore, if you are considering taking this step, you might have to be sure about his reaction!!

Breaking Up with Aquarius

2. Please Come Back!!

There is a possibility of an Aquarius breaking up with you if you ignore them. However, at times this reaction can be totally opposite!! Instead of leaving you, they may actually realize your importance in their lives and may actually try to get you back!! However, to make an Aquarius man do that, one should be sure about the place they hold in their life. If you believe that he is not that serious yet, then it would be better to talk it out rather than ignore him.

Aquarius Ignoring

3. I Like Someone Else!!

This is another possibility that one must consider before taking up the ‘ignoring’ step. Aquarius men are attention cravers, and if they don’t get that from you, they might as well jump on another boat!! They may actually start seeing someone else, which is something you might not want to happen. Therefore, if you are doing this to check if he cares about it, you might probably have to think again before taking this step. You have to know about him, and you should ponder over if he is someone to move on quickly. 

Aquarius Ignoring an Aquarius

4. I Am So Pissed!!

Another common occurrence when you ignore an Aquarius is that they might get angry at you. Even though they may not show it, they do feel emotions, and when they feel it might be at an extreme level. You ignoring them might hurt them and may cause them to get very angry at you, which can ultimately damage your relationship.

Ignoring an Aquarius

5. That’s So Childish!!

They may consider your act of ignoring as something very childish and immature, which could be a huge step back in your relationship. They might eventually lose interest as well as respect for you due to this. Hence, you might have to reconsider your actions and decision before actually implementing them because they, for sure, don’t tolerate useless tantrums.

Ignoring an Aquarius

6. You Hurt Me!!

You ignoring them can at times hold a negative effect on the Aquarius man. It may hurt their feelings, and hence they may become upset. Therefore, one must take their feelings into consideration before taking such drastic steps since you never know how your action might disturb them.

Ignoring an Aquarius

7. Detachment 

Aquarius men are pretty closed-off people. It takes a lot of time and effort to bring them out of their shell. They are usually seen as detached beings who live in their own worlds. Therefore, in some situations, where they are slowly opening up, if you suddenly start ignoring them, then instead of coming to you, they may end up being more distant to you, which is not a good thing.

Ignore an Aquarius

8. It’s Not The Same Now!!

While ignoring an Aquarius, there is a high chance that this action of yours may damage your connection in a negative way. They may rethink who you are and may think about reconsidering their feelings about you!

When you ignore an Aquarius

9. You Ignore Me? I Ignore You!

It becomes frustrating for an Aquarius man to handle someone’s tantrums. Hence, they may not pay much attention to them. So when you ignore them time and again, they may actually just give up and ignore you back!!

When You Ignore an Aquarius

10. Rain Of Affection 

Though rare, there is a possibility of an Aquarius man showering you with their affection to win you back. It may happen only in the cases where either you both share a very deep connection, or he is actually aware of your significance in his life, that he doesn’t want to let you go!

11. Let’s Talk!!

One of the positive outcomes that may come out from ignoring them is that they may realize there is a serious issue with you. This may lead him to initiate a serious discussion with you where you both can sort your matters out.

Let's talk it out

12. Won’t Take You For Granted!!

There can be cases where an Aquarius man may take their partner for granted. These signs don’t generally showcase their affection openly. Still, they would expect a sense of comfort from their partners. At times, they may turn a blind eye to their partner’s effort and take them for granted. However, this action can make them realize how much they need you and want you in their lives! 

Angry Couple

What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Woman?

An Aquarius woman is quite charming in her own way. She is not someone to be bound by expectations and responsibilities. However, they may have several reactions towards a person when they ignore her, especially when that person is her lover.

1. Let’s Breakup

Aquarius women love to be cared for and hate to be ignored. Therefore there is a high chance of them wanting to break it up with you if you keep on ignoring her.

Aquarius in love

2. Did He Lose Interest?

A man’s ignorant behavior can often be seen as suspicious to an Aquarius woman. She may think that your ignoring behavior is maybe because you might be interested in someone else. This false assumption can surely cause a big misunderstanding between a couple.

Aquarius Ignore

3. Try To Talk With You!

At times, ignoring an Aquarius woman can bear you positive results too! They may actually consider talking about the topic that is upsetting you and may genuinely try to get it sorted.

Ignoring an Aquarius

4. I’m Sad!!

You ignoring an Aquarius woman may upset her and hurt her feelings. They may stop opening up to you and go back to the detachment.

Sad couple

5. I’ll Ignore You Back!!

While being close to an Aquarius woman, people always see them as someone who doesn’t back down. And it is somewhere true!! There is a high chance of them making you taste your own medicine by ignoring you back!!

Aquarius Couple Fight

6. Leave You Alone

At times, an Aquarius woman might take your ignorance in another way and might give you some time alone. She may simply leave you alone to cool down and continue doing her own work!!

Ignoring an Aquarius

Does Ignoring an Aquarius Pay Off?

Ignoring is an action that is taken depending on the situation. People may choose to ignore some people if they disagree. They may also do it if they are upset over someone. But sometimes, people also can choose to simply ignore their partners to get a positive response. The response to an ignoring act can either end up pretty nicely or pretty terribly. It is up to the situation and the Aquarian one is dealing with! Hence, one should know about them and their intensity of feelings towards you before doing this!! 

We Wanna Know!!

1) What Not To Say To An Aquarius Woman?

There are several things that one should not say to an Aquarius. Some of them are-

– Calling them cold or aloof

– Calling them stupid 

– To discard their ideas and criticize it

– Trying to bring them down by overshadowing their knowledge 

– Insult them

2) Will An Aquarius Ignore You?

Yes, they can. Though their ignorance usually depends on the situation that leads them to take this step, they are very much capable of ignoring you. Arguments can be one of those reasons. They may simply ignore you if you upset them. They may also not like it if you ignore them; hence, they may ignore you two in return.

3) How To Make An Aquarius Miss You?

The best way to make an Aquarius miss you is by creating space. Not exactly like ignoring but more like leaving them for a few moments or days. Even though Aquarians are not clingy, they may still miss you!!

4) Does Ignoring an Aquarius Work?

Well, it depends! This can be not a great step if you don’t know each other well. 

Other than that, if you keep on ignoring them, they may get fed up. Hence, it is advisable if they don’t stretch it for long.

If you know about their feelings and genuinity towards you, you may get a pretty positive response!!

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