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14 Secrets of Aquarius Girl Personality You Didn’t Know

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An Aquarius girl is a combination of smartness and quirkiness. They are the perfect example of people with brains who value freedom and independence to a high extent. It’s not easy to hold or pin them down. Their personality makes them stand out from the crowd. What are the traits that make up for their personality?

Let’s have a look!

Traits Exhibited By an Aquarius Girl

Following are some of the personality traits that you can see in an Aquarius girl. These traits make them unique and charming in their own ways.

1. I Do What I Like!! 

This is probably one of the coolest traits that you can see in an Aquarius girl. She just doesn’t care what people say about her. She works on her own. She may take or consider your opinion but it will be only if she wants to. She is someone who knows her worth in life and will work accordingly.

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She isn’t someone who can be manipulated or tricked easily by anyone. This trait makes them responsive and strong-minded. One may have to put in a lot to break such women.

They value themselves and their decisions and are very confident about presenting themselves. This can be a trait that many may look up to. It can even make them look oddly cool and attractive.

2. I Love Freedom! 

Yes! Like any other Aquarius out there, these girls are big freedom lovers!! They love to be independent and would work hard in attaining it. They are visionary females who would love to fly around the sky and never come on grounds of reality. They don’t like to be tied down and hence would often resent the idea of settling down and commitments. 

3. Smarty-Pants!!

The girls under the Aquarius zodiac sign can be extremely smart and charming. They are progressive and often lookout for sources of knowledge. They won’t mind taking up discussions and indulging in debates that actually help them in increasing and broadening their perspectives and views.

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They value knowledge and would love to impart their gains to someone else. Their minds are full of creative and innovative ideas. Their intellect can help them in sorting out many issues and may at times give you one of the best pieces of advice!

4. Friendships!! 

An Aquarius girl may have tons of friends from literally all walks of life. She loves socializing and meeting new people. She can mingle very well with people and can hold very interesting topics to talk about. Her intellect helps her in bringing out some of the best topics to hold conversations on and would help her learn new things. Even though she may seem to have tons of friends, when it comes to emotional bonding, there will be very few people or friends that she may consider speaking with. She is not someone who goes around speaking about her emotions and issues to every other person that she knows. She can be quite picky about sharing her secrets and feelings. She will only share it with those who make her feel comfortable. One might have to put in a lot of effort to get there! 

5. Loyalty Is #1!!

If you are close with an Aquarius girl, one thing that is assured in your relationship is loyalty. These girls are known to be extremely loyal to their close ones.

Loyal Aquarius Personality

However,  they expect the same from you too. They may forgive you if you apologize and confront them but they will never forget!! They feel backstabbing is something ridiculous and always try to support their friends and family!! That’s why studies show that this sign has very few unloyal people in them!! 

6. Cold And Rude? That’s Not Me?? 

Aquarius girls are big dreamers. They love thinking and coming up with new fantasies and ideas. At times, they will be so much indulged in their own thoughts that they may even forget about their surroundings and the people they are with! This might make people feel that they are too closed off and ignorant. But are they? 

They tend to have one of the most straightforward and honest answers at times. Their honesty may seem brutal sometimes which may lead people to think they are cold and rude but that might actually not be the case!  It would be incorrect to judge them on the basis of this. When you actually get to know them, you may find them pretty interesting. They can be pretty fun-loving creatures hence, it would be appreciative of a person to get to know them before actually making an opinion about them. 

7. Think About The World!! 

As I said before, Aquarius girls are someone who dreams big but did I say their dreams and visions may hold certain care and stress about the world and its problems? Yes! You read it right. The world can get so much better with more Aquarius people in it!!

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They often indulge themselves into thinking about the world and its issues. This even leads them to create and innovate ideas to overcome them. After all, if you think hard, you are bound to get a solution!!

They crave a peaceful and better world and would at least try, if they can, to help the world and its people. It is often noticeable that an Aquarius may come up with the best inventions and discoveries that help the world and its problems. 

8. Humanitarian 

One commendable thing that Aquarius owns in their personality is their humanitarianism. An Aquarian girl will stand up against something that she thinks is wrong and unjust. That’s why they may often be one of those people who actively participate in protests and rallies. They know how to voice out their opinions and would not hesitate to voice out the facts related to it ,hence, making their point known. In simple words,  Aquarius girls are known to hold strong humanitarian grounds and would not hesitate to follow what they deem right

9. My Own Fashion!! 

Aquarius girls and fashion??

Well they follow their own trends there!! It doesn’t matter which brand or what price range they choose from, as long as they like it, they will most probably wear it. They don’t have a typical sense of fashion.

How to become fashionable

They would probably wear and dress up as to what they like and feel comfortable in. They can choose to have outfits that are more inclined towards a tomboyish look or can be a bit edgy and bold. They can even own a variety of dresses for each occasion. They can literally carry out anything!! Some Aquarius girls may have the most unique and out-of-the-world outfits and yet can manage to pull it off. 

When it comes to colors. Outfits and accessories in shades of blue can look absolutely stunning on them, however, they can still opt for outfits in different colors and shades and still look gorgeous!!

10. Petty Arguments Are So Not My Style!! 

Aquarius girls are quite logical and often look out for ways to increase their knowledge and broaden their perspectives. However, they can not entertain unconventional and baseless arguments.

They strongly believe in reasonable facts and points but discussions and arguments which lack these may seem uninteresting to them.

They may probably walk out of such situations and arguments as they think it to be nothing but a waste of time and energy. Letting them stay in such situations may make them lose their patience and blast their minds off!! 

11. Unpredictable 

Aquarius girls have unusual ways of doing things. You can’t predict what is going on in their minds!! Their unpredictable ways can seem to be a bit weird and over the top for some but that’s how they are!

At times, these ways can be quite creative and innovative in the eyes of some people which can make them unique and charmingly different. 

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12. I Love Gifts And Surprises!! Well, Who Doesn’t ?

Aquarius girls love it when people give them gifts and surprises. They are highly appreciative of the people who do this. However, in order to grab their attention, your gift should be something special.

They are not someone to expect something very expensive and grand but they would definitely love it if you give them something special and unique which they haven’t tried before. You can even surprise them by taking them to cool and fun places where they haven’t been before and would love to go again. 

13. What Is Constant? I Don’t Know That!! 

Aquarius girls and women are all about change. It’s like a constant has no place in their lives!! They always try to change themselves according to what they think is cool.

This may often lead them to jump from one idea to another or one decision to another. Though changing is not bad and can help you with learning and experiencing new things, it can hold some disadvantages in case of an Aquarius.

They can, at times, change a lot which may not be appreciated by someone who wants them to stay as they are.

Apart from this,  their habit of changing and jumping from one choice to another may make them seem indecisive which can be, at times, infuriating and irritating for others. 

curious people

14. Growing Up!! 

An Aquarius woman’s traits and personality may heavily depend on the surroundings they are born and brought up in and also the way they perceive their ideologies of responsibilities and freedom.

They can at times,  consider their feminism to be a liability and might adopt a cold and masculine persona like an Aquarius man. In other cases, they may actually embrace being a woman and live their freedom accordingly!

Should You Date An Aquarius Girl?

An Aquarius girl’s personality makes her unique and special. She holds a very different and broad perspective towards life. If given a chance she can happily fly up in the sky and never return to the ground. She makes her own decisions and focuses on that.

She doesn’t care what other people are saying as long as she’s happy with what she is doing. They are smart, intellectual, progressive, and extremely loyal. They also hold strong humanitarian grounds!! If you get a chance don’t miss out on getting close to an Aquarius girl!! 


We Wanna Know!! 

1) Are Aquarius Girls Loyal?

Yes they are!! Even though one might have to put in a lot of effort to keep them around, they can be almost sure that these girls would never cheat on them. They are loyal lovers, loyal friends and of course loyal family members!! They find the idea of cheating ridiculous and would never find the need to do this to their closed ones. 

2) How Can I Impress An Aquarius Girl?

There are many ways to impress an Aquarius girl. Do something unique for them and they’ll get impressed. Show them something that she hasn’t done before and you will have all her attention. Take her on amazing trips to win her heart. Try to give them special and unique presents and surprises, oh! They will surely be impressed. If you put in enough effort and show your love and care for them, they will definitely fall for you!!

3) What Do Aquarius Females Look Like?

Aquarius females are known to hold unique looks. They may possess a slim figure with a candid face. Their features can be small and dainty. They are usually tall or may seem taller than they actually are! Their posture is droopy and their head is slightly dropped down. They usually have genial eyes. 

4) How To Know If An Aquarius Girl Likes You?

Aquarius are usually very good at hiding their emotions from emotions. However, some signs can make a person realize if they like them or not. But when it comes to an Aquarius girl, they can be at times quite open about their feelings.

They will become predictable and will try to give you all the attention they can! They will be open about their emotions and shower you with gifts. You will always be there to talk with you and comfort you. A person is surely lucky if an Aquarius girl likes him!! 

5) Are Aquarius Girls Boring?

No, not at all!! They are one of the great conversationalists and can engage you in talks for hours. If you understand their humor and mentality, you will surely find them funny and entertaining.

Their quirkiness and unpredictability makes them extremely attractive and intriguing at times. Do get to know them and you will surely have your laugh of the day with their sarcastic replies!!

Teertha Shetty
Teertha Shetty
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