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How Aquarius Deals With a Breakup?

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Getting into love bonds can be really beautiful and amazing. You feel as if you are flying in the sky of hearts. Getting into relationships with the person you love can be dreamy but losing that person to a breakup can be the worst nightmare. 

Now talking about breakups, there may be many reasons for doing it. Some may be genuine and some not so genuine. It can be due to misunderstanding, feeling getting faded away, or if the relationship seems too burdening or frustrating to handle!! No matter what the situation is, people tend to have different perceptions and ways when it comes to dealing with breakups.

Some just don’t care or some may pretend to not care.  Some may hold on to you or some may just let go! It is noticeable that one’s personality and way of reacting to things sure will play a major role in how one actually deals with breakups.

Looking into our topic, let’s analyze and conclude how would an Aquarius deal with a breakup!! Will they keep their calm? Or will they blast off?? 

Why Would You Break Up? 

Before getting to know how an Aquarius deals with a breakup, it is important to shed light on the reasons why anyone would want to break up with them. They are known for their loyalty and respect. Having such great qualities is a big boon to one’s relationship. But you cannot deny the fact that these people worship and value freedom the most!!

They would never give up their social life and freedom for anyone. This may create problems between you and your Aquarius partner. You can’t expect them to sacrifice their choices and freedom for you. They are not the ones who will leave everything behind for you. This may make you question their feelings for you !!

How to deal with people

Apart from this, Aquarius are also known for hiding their emotions very well. They are great at conversations, no doubt, but when it comes to talking from the heart instead of the mind, they simply can’t just do it. This inability may make them look like someone who is ignorant and cold.

If you are a person who loves to have heart-to-heart talks and clinginess with your partner, then Aquarius may not be the one for you. Their non-expressing behavior may seem cold and ignorant to you and you may feel as if they are not genuinely interested in you anymore, even if that is not the case. 

Another reason why a person would want to break up with their Aquarius partner is jealousy. Now, this is pretty interesting because jealousy can play as an advantage or disadvantage in an Aquarius relationship. Jealousy and Aquarius can’t come in a sentence together. This is because they hardly get jealous but the negative side of this is you may feel that they don’t care about who you are with and this lack of emotional commitment may lead you to want to break up with them.

Why Would An Aquarius Want To Breakup With You?

If an Aquarius is interested in breaking up with you, it is majorly due to them not getting enough freedom in your relationship. There are high chances of them breaking up with you if you don’t provide them with enough space for themselves. They also don’t like it if you try to impose your decisions on them or try to change or manipulate their choices.


They are social creatures, they love to make their own decisions, choices, and even friends. Your interference can make them repel you. 

They are not someone who would love to babysit someone or listen to their emotional rants all day long. They find it pretty boring and a waste of time. So if you are looking for someone who will always be available for you to let your emotions out, then having an Aquarius partner is probably not the best choice! 

They love someone who is carefree and holds an unbiased opinion towards different matters. If you hold a stubborn view towards something and are not ready to take in others’ logical points against it, then an Aquarius may just not want to be with you. There is a high chance of them breaking up with you in such cases!!

Aquarius And Their Post Breakup Dealings 

Aquarius are powerful air signs, they are not someone who openly showcases or cries out their emotions. But feelings are something a human is born with, so there’s no doubt that they would have to feel and deal with them too. Below are some of the ways in which an Aquarius would deal with a breakup.

1. I Don’t Care

Given their personalities, it’s obvious that to see an Aquarius not trying to get their partners back. There’s no emotional breakdown, no crying, simply nothing. Though there can be arguments if they don’t really understand your reasons, they will simply be cold and let you go if you genuinely want to break it up.

I don't care

Even though they may genuinely have some feelings for you, they may not showcase it and be cold regarding the decision of ending the relationship. 

2. Hey!! Ready For A Hangout? 

Moving on, at times can be quite easy for an Aquarius. They just need something to distract themselves. If they are social people, they would plan out parties and hang out with their friends!

They would literally take up every single thing that they find fun in and can keep their minds off of you. They may become extra active on social media, may start following new people, and may even post their experiences and hangout pictures in it. 

3. Chill!! We Just Didn’t Work Out! 

Aquarius are people who always look into logical sides. They neither try nor want to pry into emotional aspects. When they break up on a logical basis, they simply take it up and move on. You may not find them ranting out how much they loved you but you may sure find them act all out and simply state that the relationship didn’t work out!

How to be logical first

Does it mean that they don’t care? No, it doesn’t mean that. They do care. However, they may not be able to pinpoint the emotion they are searching for and would rather stick to their cool attitudes. 

4. Let’s Do Something!!

If an Aquarius is not that social with people, they might still be able to move on! How do you ask? Well by working on it! They may spend some quality time for themselves and come up with all the memories of them in a relationship or they may think of doing new things to move on!

Work Something

They may also take up more work and projects, they may overwork and try to put their full concentration in the work. This can not only be beneficial to them but can also help them distract from the memories of break up. 

5. Sorry I’m Antisocial!! 

It’s not wrong to say there are a variety of Aquarius people in the world. Each one of them is different and may have different ways of dealing with things. As mentioned in two of the points above, they can enhance their social circle to deal with a breakup or may simply busy themselves with work if they are not that social.

How to handle breakups like Aquarius

However, there is another category of Aquarius people who may actually stop socializing after their breakup. They may just close off and won’t bother listening to your ‘move on dude’s lectures. They won’t confide in people and would not like to talk or speak out about anything regarding their relationship with anyone. 

6. Let’s Be Friends!!

When we talk about breaking up with an Aquarius, it’s not that hard! This sign is known for not holding resentment or grudges. If you actually sort it out and try to make them understand your point and reasons for your breakup, they may actually consider it and let you go.

How to be friendly with people

They may also suggest friendship if they feel you can still be a good friend to them. They can be one of your lifetime friends with whom you can still hang out and have fun! 

7. Mission Ex Into The Action!!

If an Aquarius is not convinced of your reasons or story, they will most probably sneak into your life and keep tabs on you!! Now that doesn’t necessarily mean all Aquarius take up this and will get into stalking. They may, however, try to find your whereabouts and would likely be interested in knowing your dating life.

Bump into ex

So, don’t be surprised if you ‘coincidentally’ bump into your ex at a party!!! Or maybe somewhere else!! 

The Best Way Out of Breakups – The Aqaurius Way

Breakups can be really heartbreaking!! But many have different ways to overcome the pain it gives and actually moves on. Aquarius are definitely one of those people.

What's the best way out

Despite being individuals of the same zodiac sign, each of them has different ways to actually gather the broken pieces of their hearts. 

Some Aquarians may drink away their sorrows and pains with friends. They may start hanging out with new people and make new acquaintances. They will eventually work towards moving on by actually enjoying the way they want!!

However, there are also some Aquarians who chose the method that is exactly opposite of their previous one. Instead of socializing, they may actually begin to isolate themselves from people and spend some time alone. They may deeply try to analyze each and every moment and try to point out where things went wrong. They may even think about different ideas to move on.

Another way in which Aquarius can distract themselves from their breakup is by working too hard!! They may suddenly start overworking and would try to busy themselves so that they don’t miss their ex.

Though all these methods are quite different from each other, one thing is sure that an Aquarius may eventually move on from a breakup!! What do you think is the best way to deal with breakups??

We Wanna Know!! 

1) How Do Aquarius Handle Breakups?

Being a freedom-seeking and progressive sign, breakups are handled pretty nicely by an Aquarius. These people lie more towards logical sides and practically believe in handling themselves and moving on. Though they may have different ways to overcome the breakup and move on, they are known to be able to successfully let it go after a certain period of time. 

2) How Do We Break Up With An Aquarius?

You definitely can’t put up an emotional drama of feelings and break up with them. They may actually not get it!! They are people who strongly voice out their points, hence, they may not back away from a disagreement if they find your point to be illogical.

However, if you genuinely and practically give your reason for breaking up with them, they will respect and abide by your choice and let you go. They can even consider and suggest being friends with you if they feel you both will be better that way!!

3) Will An Aquarius Cry If I Break Up With Them?

They probably won’t! Aquarius is known for hiding their emotions well. It would be rare to see them shedding tears over something in front of someone. Even though they may not feel the same by heart, they will still showcase as if they are absolutely fine with this. 

4) How Do Aquarius Start To Pick Up Pieces?

Every Aquarius has its own way of dealing with breakups and moving on. It can be difficult, at times, to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. But Aquarius, being a progressive sign, does a pretty good job at that. Some Aquarians may spend their time with people and friends. This can distract them pretty well. You can often see them posting about their social circles. In some cases, they may also refrain from gathering and isolate themselves from their friends and family. 

They may also prefer being left alone to think about all the moments they spent with their partners. They may think about where they went wrong! They may also think about ways to move on from the relationship. There are also a few Aquarians, who will try to distract themselves just like one of the categories mentioned above.

However, here their distraction is not friends and people but work and responsibilities!!!

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