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What Sign Is Aquarius Twin Flame?

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Every human body rests a soul within itself.  The soul is something that spiritually connects a body. But what if your soul has another half?  What if that other half resides in someone else’s body? Ever heard of twin flames?  Don’t know what that is?  Don’t know how it connects to your soul and zodiac sign? 

Let’s look into what twin flame is and how that context is connected to an Aquarius zodiac sign. 

What Is Twin Flame? 

In simple terms, a twin flame’s concept is based on two bodies sharing one single soul. Your twin flame is someone who will reflect upon your own soul and will bring out the raw and real you. These souls can be termed, mirror souls. The relationship between twin flames is so intense that it naturally meshes with each other.

What is Twin flame

Reading the definition, many might think that twin flames and soulmates are the same. But no, they are not. There can be multiple soulmates, but a single twin flame.

The Aquarius Twin Flame 

Several myths revolve around twin flame astrological signs. Before looking into any twin flame, one should note that these souls share the same soul but might not share the same star sign.

Your twin flame can be considered as someone similar to you. At times, due to their similarities, they may belong to the same star sign, but it cannot apply to all since many twin flames belong to different or opposite star signs like earth and air.

One example of this earth-air twin flame is Aquarius (an air sign)  and Virgo(an earth sign). Even though these two zodiacs may not be the most compatible, they can work well as twin flames. An Aquarius’ and Virgo’s independent and rebellious nature will bring them closer and make them enhance and embrace their true selves.

Aquarius Twin Flame Characteristics

When you think about Virgo’s character traits, you can see many similarities that this Zodiac sign shares with Aquarius. Virgo’s hard-working personality can blend well with Aquarius’ determined self. Both share the talent of creativity which can make them work well together.

An Aquarius may be indecisive at times and may hesitate to open up quickly. Hence, it is evident that they might require their partners to have enough patience to wait for them to open up.

A Virgo is known for being quite patient and may understand an Aquarius’ hesitance in opening up. They would make sure to give enough time and comfort to their partners, thereby strengthening their bond. Though both may face some troubles due to their stubbornness, everything is fine as long as they know how to overcome their problems and misunderstandings. 

There is a high chance of a person misunderstanding their twin flame. You can’t claim anyone similar to you as your twin flame!  However, you can try to guess your mirror soul by looking for some of the signs given below-

1) First Sight Flash

There is an instant spark of recognition when you meet your mirror soul. Since you two will be sharing the same soul, it may give them a hunch of being complete in each other’s presence. 

How Twin Flames Behave With Each Other

2) Similar Stories

You will be similar to each other. You may have the same past stories and experiences, which can be shocking!  Some twin flames even share the same coincidences!! 

3) Complementing Each Other

No two people can be the same. So there is a chance that you and your mirror soul may differ from each other in certain aspects. But,  even in those differences, you can complement and blend well with each other! 

How to compliment

4) Bringing out yourself.

Your twin flame brings out the real you. It even brings out all your problems and insecurities to make sure that you overcome them. Similarly, even you can bring out their true selves and help them deal with their insecurities and troubles. 

5) Drawn to each other.

Being a soul shared by two bodies, these two people will be drawn to each other from the very first moment they lay their eyes on one another. Their attraction is so strong and divine that they will still feel the same pull towards each other even after years. It becomes difficult for twin flames like Aquarius and Virgo to not go closer to them in each other’s presence.

How to attract your twin flame

6) Can’t leave each other.

A twin flame connection is an intense one, but it doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing. There are chances of them getting into huge disputes and arguments, but at the end of the day, they just couldn’t help but get back with each other. 

7) Psychic connection

A twin flame connection is an instant one, and over time, they can get so close to each other that just one glance from the person will let the other know what their mirror soul is trying to convey. Now that sounds pretty psychic!  Isn’t it? 

psychic connection between twin flames

Aquarius Twin Flame Love Compatibility 

An Aquarius and Virgo together as a twin flame connection will not necessarily have only a romantic relationship. This connection is an intense spiritual connection that binds one soul in two bodies. They can bring out the best in each other, but it doesn’t require them to be lovers.

Astrologically, Virgo is the worst enemy of Aquarius, hence, their soul will use this connection to make them better versions of themselves. Hence, it is common to have twin flame connections between any relationship. They can be lovers, sisters, or even friends. 

Time To Attract A Twin Flame!!

Following are the few tips that you can follow to attract your twin flame: 

1. Looking for a physical meeting does help in attracting two twin flames as they will have that instant pull towards each other. 

2. For those who believe in reincarnation and many lives, clearing yourself from all the negative energies and lower energies from others can help attract your twin flame. 

How to attract Aquarius Twin Flame

3. Believe in your intuition. When you begin to tune in to your intuition, you may connect with them telepathically and sense where your twin flame is!  It sounds quite cliché, but who knows, it might work!! 

4. Meditating and focusing on your desires every day can help create a strong spiritual bond between two mirror souls. 

How to chase your dreams

Twin Flame Rejection!! 

In a way, a twin flame can reject you. There may be many reasons for it. Considering Aquarius, they will probably reject your bond if they feel overwhelmed by it. This sudden pull and instant evoke of emotions may confuse and scare them as they don’t do well in the emotion department. 

However, another reason as to why they may reject you is maybe due to some unresolved issues or karma that may lie over your twin flame bond. However, one should note that rejecting a twin flame would not end their soul connection in any way!!

Can We Tell If Our Twin Flame Is Missing Us? 

Yes, you can! One of the worst things a twin flame can suffer from is separation. However, a person can tell if their twin flame is missing them or not. You may feel an energetic aura through this time. The soul connection that you hold for each other will make you miss each other. 

You may share and have the same dreams as your twin flame. This sounds pretty cool. Even silence and gut feeling can make you realize if they are missing you. 

Do you miss your twin flame

How Twin Flames Differ From Soul Mates? 

The significant distinction between a twin flame and soul mates lies in their number. A person can have many soulmates but just one twin flame. The concept of soul mates and twin flames are similar, but they are not the same. A twin flame connection is a spiritual bond that connects two bodies in a single soul. Whereas a soulmate, as the name suggests, is someone who compliments your soul. 

A soulmate may change you to make you better and closer to yourself. However, a twin flame will bring all your raw positive and negative attributes out and heal you to become a true version of yourself. 

However, both soulmates and twin flame have in common that they need not necessarily have a romantic angle to their relationship. They can be friends, mentors, and mentees, colleagues, or anyone. 

Sexual Intimacy Of Aquarius Twin Flame

Sex between these two people can even be done telepathically. Their soul has such a deep connection that it may not even need any physical touch or verbal talk to get aroused. Aquarius, who finds it difficult to evoke emotions while having sex, may find themselves making love to their partners. 

Intimacy between twin flames

Are Twin Flame Relationships Powerful?

Twin flame relationships are incredibly powerful, rare, and intense. But the purpose of having the twin flame is not just finding love. It is a karmic and spiritual connection that your body holds with another one. Their purpose is to bring out your raw selves and make them better. Involving in such a relationship can be significant. However, one should make sure to not lose themselves completely in it.

Being in such a rare and intense relationship sounds powerful, but it can be breakable if both don’t make their connection better. This relationship also doesn’t guarantee a stabilized and sorted relationship.

These people may have their own set of conflicts and arguments with each other, but at the end of the day, if their bond strength is strong enough, they will probably end up running back to each other. 

We Wanna Know!! 

A. How Do Aquarius Twin Flame Get Along With Each Other?

Meeting between an Aquarius and its twin flame Virgo can be pleasantly stimulating for both. Both have certain common grounds, which allows them to interact well with each other. Both love traveling and freedom. Their relationship will hold a great amount of trust. Both can take their sweet time getting to know each other and wouldn’t have to compromise on their freedom. 

B. Are Twin Flames Always Romantically Involved?

No! They are not always romantically involved. Even though these relationships are mostly seen as romantic, it’s not always the case. The twin flame relationship is more about a spiritual connection that binds two bodies in one soul. But this doesn’t guarantee their romantic feelings in this relationship. Two people in a twin flame relationship can be friends or something spiritual too. 

C. Can You Have Only One Twin Flame?

Up to now, yes, we can have only one twin flame. However,  some experts disagree with this and believe in the possibility of having more than one twin flame. 

D. Does Everyone Have Twin Flames?

Unfortunately no! This only occurs when one’s soul is split into two bodies which are quite rare to occur. That’s why there is a very low chance of one being in a twin flame connection. 

E. Can Twin Flames Relationships Become Toxic?

Yes, the twin flame relationship can become quite toxic if not handled properly. Often, this relationship is romanticized in such a way that people may often tend to overlook its negative aspects. 

A twin flame relationship is more like a mirror relationship where they reflect both your positive and negative traits. Hence, there is a chance that your mirror soul will possess all your negative habits too. 

However, the major problem in their relationship can arise if they fall too deeply in love and forget to prioritize themselves. For those couples, separation can leave them empty and without any will. Hence it becomes absolutely necessary for one to be aware of themselves and their actions. Don’t let yourself slip away while falling so deep that you can’t stand up!  

F. What Other Zodiacs Are Examples Of Twin Flames?

Zodiacs that are an example of twin flames are Aquarius with Virgo,  Aries with Leo and Sagittarius, Taurus with Pisces and Scorpio, Gemini with Aquarius and Scorpio, Cancer with Virgo, Leo with Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius, Virgo with Capricorn, Libra with Cancer,  Scorpio with Pisces and cancer,  Sagittarius with Aquarius and Gemini, Capricorn with Taurus and Virgo and finally Pisces with Cancer. 

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