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7 Signs That An Aquarius Secretly Has A Crush On You?

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Aquarius being the 11th sign of the zodiac sign family brings you peace and strength. The personality of these individuals are really impressive and make you fall in love with them. People generally get attracted by their down to earth nature. Very small things and gestures excite them and there’s no need for big grand gestures in order to impress them.

Being the most misunderstood sign, they’ve been considered to be the most genuine sign.

They are generally low-key and hate to show off. People with Sun or Ascendant in Aquarius are charged with energy and they’re going to light up your lives with knowledge and wisdom. They are very good observers and if you’re close to them then they know minute-minute details about you. 

They can be your partner and your best friend at the same time and nobody can match your compatibility if you both are understanding. Friendship with them is going to provide you with a sense of belongingness, happiness, selfless love and at the same time having a relationship with them will provide a sense of security, unconditional love and that connection for which you were craving for all Life. 

But what is really challenging for you is whether they like you or not. Aquarius don’t believe in eternity and are considered to be sensitive. They are not aware of what they want. They are less expressive and won’t let you know that they’re into you. 

Being humanitarian in nature, they’re emotionally available for everyone but for themselves, they’re not. They hide their emotions well just like a chameleon does while changing its colour. They’re the Social Butterflies with a charming personality but it’s been observed that they’re shy in front of their crush. But there are signs that Aquarius people give if they have a crush on you. 

This article will help you out in finding those signs.

Let’s begin!!

7 Signs That Aquarius Has a Crush On You

These are the few signs that will give you an idea if Aquarius has a crush on you.

I hope these signs will match with the signs given by them!!

1. They Listen to You 

Aquarius are considered to be the ‘Good Listeners’. If they have a crush on you then initially they’ll be available for you 24/7. They will remember small details of the meeting and can discuss that details later on.

How to be a Good Listener

If you’re facing any issue then they’ll listen to that problem and try to give the best possible solution. 

Having Aquarius is such a blessing.

2. They Want to be Your Best Friend.

At an initial stage, when they are trying to figure out what is exactly in between you guys, they’ll refer to you as their best friend. They will crack jokes, will make you feel wanted, help you whenever you need to, protect you from all the obstacles as a true best friend. With them everything seems to be like a fairytale.

If you want a fairy tale relationship then date an Aquarius.

3. They Care About You 

One of the signs that you should not ignore is their caring nature towards you. They cannot easily show their love for you so they choose small gestures to express their emotions. You’re fortunate if they care for you.

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4. They Start Sharing Their Secrets

Aquarius people are ‘secret keepers’ but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need one.

Can Aquarius Keep Secrets

If they’re falling for you, they’ll make you their secret box. They will share every detail of their past, present and about the dreams, they want to attain in future. They even share their dark secrets because they start believing in you.

5. They Will Show Their Clingy Side

Once Aquarius people get comfortable with you, they’ll show their other side too. They hesitate while showing their weird side to people they are not close to. But for special and close people, they are what they are.

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6. They Keep a Check on You

Well!! Well!! You’re lucky enough if they keep a check on you. If they randomly call you and ask you if you had your dinner or how your day was then they definitely feel something for you. It is one of their grand gestures.

Signs that an Aquarius has a crush on you

7. They Try to Clear Out The Misunderstandings

After any small fight or argument, if they call just to clear out the misunderstandings then they’re definitely thinking that you’re a keeper and they can’t lose you. They will try to resolve the issues. 

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How To Know If An Aquarius Really Likes You?

Aquarius people are mysterious in nature and that’s why it’s difficult to figure out if they really like you or not. But after reading the signs given above you can find out the answer somewhere. You’ve to be more understanding in order to know them.

You’ve to keep a close check on their moods. Sometimes, you’ve to take an initiative if you want a relationship with them. They even let go of their feelings because of their confusing nature. They’ll show the signs if they’re into you and on the other side, you’ve to understand those signs.


How does an Aquarius act when they have a crush?

Initially, Aquarius act very normal. But with time they’ll do small gestures while being in their comfort level.

How do you tell if an Aquarius really likes you?

When an aquarian will show you the weirdness in themselves, want to be your best friend, text you and many such small gestures then it’s a sign that they really like you.

How do Aquarius express their feelings?

They can be almost overwhelming at times and start caring for you from the day when they’ll realize that you’re the one.

What do Aquarius do when they flirt?

Aquarius are pretty unpredictable and they try to flirt by grabbing the attention of their partners. People with beauty and brains attract Aquarius a lot.



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