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5 Reasons Why Should You Never Argue With An Aquarius?

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‘Arguments’ is something we all can do and even do, but the question which matters in the end is whether you won or lost it. 

Well, if you’re arguing with an Air Sign, then the probability of your winning hangs too low as they are very intellectual and analytical. 

But have you wondered what makes them ‘Win’ during an argument? 

‘Air Sign’, being the most logical sign, tends to win an argument by their logic. Among the zodiac sign family, Air signs are very well aware of the facts, making them win an argument and, therefore, the experts. 

There are other signs which have the potential of winning an argument, but what makes an Aquarius so special are that they’re going to walk in during an argument and turn the tables. 

Why are Aquarius smart?

In Air Sign, if we talk particularly about ‘Aquarius Sign’, they’re considered the cleverest one, and they prefer to choose logic and facts during any argument. Winning an argument is a skill in which Aquarians are experts. 

Aquarius people are considered to be the smartest among the constellation signs. Being the air and water bearer signs, they tend to be more logical than emotional. Some believe that because of their ruling planet, Uranus, which lights up their minds with quick insights. So, it’s very difficult to argue with one of the fixed signs, ‘Aquarius’, because of their strong opinion. 

They can easily brainwash you and can manipulate your opinions. So before thinking of arguing with Aquarian people, you’ve to be well prepared, and another thing which you can do is ‘avoid the argument’. 

Now, we will look at some reasons why we should never argue with an Aquarius?

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Argue with Aquarius?

Aquarius has a strong personality and they are often seen as argumentative. This is why you should never argue with them. Here are 5 reasons why you should never argue with Aquarius. 

1. They Never Give up

It’s both a positive and a negative personality trait. Why negative?

How to win an argument like an Aquarius

Because during an argument for the opponents, giving up can be challenging, and Aquarius have to deal with it even after several days of argument.

2. They Have Strong Opinions

This is one of the factors that helps Aquarians gain victory in the war of argument. Aquarius people are known for their strong and valid opinions. It’s one of the barriers which people find very difficult during arguments.

How to speak effectively

3. They’ll Not Get Manipulated And Use Facts in an Argument

They’re never going to be manipulated by your words. So, if you’re thinking that you’re going to use your words as a weapon, then my friend, it will not work. The only thing you can use while arguing with them is ‘Facts’.  

Why Should We prefer facts over emotions

We can think of winning from the person with illogical points, but how you can win from a person with facts. They are considered to be the smartest among the zodiac sign family.

4. They’ll Stick to The Point

How to talk to the point?

If you think with time, their mindset will change. Then, unfortunately, you’re wrong. Because nobody in this world can change their opinion. The only person who can do this miracle is themselves.

5. They’ll Make an Opinion About You

After an argument, they’ll make an opinion about you or a perception about you that ‘it’s you’. It’s very difficult to change their opinion because once they make up their minds, no one can change that.

Conclusion – Do Aquarius Hold Grudges?

Many people think that Aquarians hold grudges even after many years of argument.

Aquarius are very straightforward. They’ll tell you right on your face if they’ve any grudges or if everything is alright. They may get mad at anything, but holding grudges is not their type.

Do Aquarius Hold Grudges?

They’ll never hold grudges just because of any argument. Nobody can easily make them mad if that mistake is not serious. But they can surely perceive you, and the parameters that made that perception are the facts you used during the argument. 

They let things go, and they believe in peace which comes from forgiving a person if they have made any mistake. So, instead of holding grudges, Aquarius will show you the right path and guide you. 

So, you don’t have to worry if an argument takes place between you and other people. In case you’re feeling confused because of their dicey behaviour, then you should confront them and ask them where things went wrong. They’re understanding in nature, which will help you out.


1. What should you never say to an Aquarius?

You should never call them stupid, question their knowledge, or call their ideas rubbish. and the most important thing you should never do is criticise them.

2. What do Aquarius do when someone yells at them?

Aquarius people easily let things go. If they think that if it’s required to say something then they’re definitely going to say otherwise they’ll let go.

3. Why do Aquarius argue so much?

Aquarius argues so much just to prove them right by using valid facts and logic.

4. Who does Aquarius hate?

Aquarius people believe in ‘Live and Let Live.’ They hate pettiness in anyone. If we talk about the zodiac signs, with Capricorn and Taurus they’re least compatible with.

5. What would make an Aquarius cry?

They are generally less emotional but that doesn’t mean they don’t cry at all. They would definitely cry if something happens to them very closely or if something tragic happens to their close ones.

What zodiac signs have anger issues?

Zodiac Signs which have anger issues are Aquarius, Leo, Virgo, Aries and Libra.



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