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These Aquarius Negative Traits Could Get You Blacklisted

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Humans are neither angels nor devils. Each of them is similar yet different from the other. The fact that doesn’t let them settle well on either the good or bad side is that they possess both. Every human possesses good traits which are loved by others and bad characteristics that can be hated. It’s upon them and their karma that makes them good or bad in front of others. When it comes to Aquarius, they are known for their visionary and capable thinking capabilities. Their progressive and free nature keeps them going in life. They are some of those people who think about others and the world around them. 

However, despite possessing such great traits, they are also known for having a few traits which can make them seem ‘not so good to others!! Let’s look into their negative traits and examine the negative effects they can hold in their life. 

10 Most Hated Aquarius Negative Traits

1. Focus Man Focus!! 

Lack of focus can be considered as one of their most common negative traits. These aloof creatures may at times get trapped in their own world for getting their work and surroundings. This may lead them to lack attention in projects or classes. An Aquarius student may spike up some funny incidents in their minds and forget about the test they were studying. They may find some work to be very boring and difficult due to their lack of focus. For such Aquarians,  meditation is the best!! It helps them keep their minds blank and focus on what they are doing. Though it may be a bit difficult at the beginning, it can get better with time! 

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2. Me And Empathy – Aquarius Lack Empathy 

This is one of the worst traits of an Aquarius. They are known for lacking empathy towards people. They are not someone who will feel bad for you when you burst out their emotions on them. It would be rather overwhelming for them. They don’t hold much sensitivity towards emotions and are more inclined towards the practical and logical side. This character can, at times, make them feel emotionless. 

Even though they are great at conversations, when it comes to heart-to-heart talks,  they may be extremely uncomfortable in it. They are not someone who lets people know about their emotions. They conceal it very easily. Their persona may make them seem unempathetic, and they may actually be since it’s hard for them to think and put themselves in someone else’s shoes!! 

Aquarius Negative Traits

3. You Don’t Know Me!! 

If you think nobody knows an Aquarius better than you, then buddy, think again!! This is because they are unpredictable with their choices and actions. You may not even know when they give you a shock or surprise amidst the chaos. Though being unpredictable is not something very bad or negative, at times, people may find it frustrating and hard to deal with it. This trait of an Aquarius makes it difficult for them to be with people who are bound to reality and prefer predictability and stability. 

4. This Or That – Aquarius Are Too Indecisive 

Indecisiveness is probably the most frustrating trait that an Aquarius may hold. They are people who are always up for trying out new stuff. This desire for change and trying new things may lead them to evolve drastically and change themselves. It can also be frustrating for those who don’t like changes in people. Their indecisiveness in choosing or abiding by a decision can be very much irritating to people who don’t like sudden changes in plans. 

Aquarius Negative Traits

5. Nothing Can Change My Mind!!

Aquarians are stubborn and hard-headed zodiac signs. Though they are known to hold a broad perspective towards different things, they can still be adamant about changing the decision to what they think is right! They are hard to manipulate and trick too. In Aquarius’ eyes, what they think is correct should be correct. Therefore, it can be hard for a person to change an Aquarius’ thoughts on something. But this stubbornness and indecisiveness can assure us that they may take some time to decide, but once they stick to it, nothing can change their minds!! 

Aquarius Negative Traits

6. I Feel Extreme!!

This trait might be a bit contradictory to an Aquarius who is named as ‘cold and emotionless’…. They are definitely not someone who is very emotional or sensitive to feelings, but when they feel it, they take it to extremes!! In other words, you can say when they are sad, they will be very sad, when they are happy, they will be very happy, and when they are angry, they can be very angry!! Due to this extremism of feelings, they may often end up crossing the limits and doing things that all might not love!! 

Aquarius Negative Traits

7. Pessimism – Aquarius Most Hated Negative Trait

One of the bad traits that an Aquarius tends to have is that they can be extremely pessimistic. They are more inclined towards looking out for cons than appreciating the pros. Their pessimism can often be not liked by people surrounding them. Humans often find themselves admiring people who always look out for positivity, but when someone only looks at negativity, it may repel them from that person. No matter how valid their point, if Aquarius only criticizes the negative traits rather than acknowledging the positive ones, they may hold a bad impression on themselves and may repel people around them!!

Aquarius Negative Traits

8. Okay!! Bye!! 

You can be a friend of an Aquarius, but getting close to them may take you a lot of effort!! They don’t easily let people in!! 

However, if someone wants to leave them, it won’t be hard for them to move on from them!! They won’t be creating big havoc over something breaking their friendship. Even if they are close to you, they probably won’t give an emotional speech about you leaving them or them leaving you. They would rather simply let you go!! Due to their detachment, they may be left alone without many people in their lives!! 

Aquarius Negative Traits

9. Aquarius Don’t Fear The Bullets – Is that a Negative Trait? Yes 

Aquarians are rebellious creatures. They don’t really mind going against rules and regulations. They do what they like without thinking about its implications!! Their rebellious nature at times can make it difficult for people to handle them! It is accurate to rebel against something which is wrong, but at times, they may simply rebel for their adventures, but it can be troublesome to their people and their close ones! 

Aquarius Negative Traits

10. I want it now!! 

People can be impatient at times!! Aquarius can be one of them!! If they want something, they want it now! They can be quite impatient and would probably wait for anything or anyone. Them being progressive creatures can add a plus point to this trait. Their constant need for moving ahead will make them impatient towards certain things in life!! 

We Wanna Know!! 

1) Are Aquarians Unempathetic?

Well, they kind of are! An Aquarius finds it difficult to connect with anyone emotionally. Hence, it becomes hard for them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

2) Do Aquarians Feel Emotions?

Yes, like every human being, they too feel emotions, but they lack in terms of expressing them. They may seem cold and rude at first glance if they tend to feel extreme emotions. If they are happy, they may become too happy, and if they are sad, they may become too sad. Similarly, if they are angry, they will be very angry. But you may not be able to detect their mood as they can hide their emotions very well!

3) What Is The Most Frustrating Character Trait Of An Aquarius?

An Aquarius’ indecisiveness can be, at times, very frustrating for an Aquarius. They always lookout for new opportunities and better things in life. Now that is not wrong at all!! But then jumping from one decision to another can often make it frustrating for a person. 

Apart from this, one more trait that people may find frustrating in an Aquarius is their stubbornness. They are people who look from all aspects before making a decision, but changing their minds can be difficult once they make their decision. They would not try to consider your point and would keep claiming their ones to be correct, which can be irritating!

4) Can Aquarius Move On Easily?

It is often observed that Aquarius does have the capability to move on. They don’t have a particular way to do so. Some of them may prefer to attend social gatherings and make new friends. This will distract and help the Aquarius move on. While some Aquarians reduce their pains by socializing,  others may do exactly the opposite! They will distance themselves from other people and may think about ways to move on in isolation.

Some Aquarius may even try to distract themselves from taking up different responsibilities and projects. In the end, no matter what way they take, their progressive minds will effectively move on from heartbreaks.

5) What Are Aquarius' Weaknesses?

Even though they don’t showcase their inner emotions outside, they can be quite sensitive from the inside. They tend to feel extreme emotions which can be a weakness point. 

Apart from this, they are also known to be extremely possessive of their thoughts and opinions. They don’t like it when someone tries to overshadow their opinion. This could also be seen as their weak point.

6) Is Aquarius A Negative Or Positive Sign?

Well, an Aquarius can be considered as a positive sign due to their progressive and creative minds. They are extremely sharp-witted and smart. They hold a deep desire for freedom and will do anything to achieve it. Apart from that, they are known to hold a wide perspective on things and are seen as one of the most free-spirited and non-judgmental people.

However, despite possessing such positive attributes that may still be seen as a negative sign due to their negative traits. These signs are known to possess non-empathetic people. Their logical brains find it difficult to sense and express emotions, be it someone else’s or their own! They are also known for their lack of commitment, which leads them to hold the tag of zodiac signs that are more prone to breakups. Their indecisive and stubborn nature may make them seem bad to people and repel them.

7) Are Aquarius Bad People?

No! They are not! Just like every other person in the world, they are known to hold positive as well as negative traits. That’s why it would be inaccurate to categorize every single Aquarius as bad. It’s their particular actions and traits that will make them good or bad.  

8) Can Aquarius Lie?

Yes, Aquarius can lie. In fact, they are one of the three zodiacs that are considered to be best liars in astrology, the other two being Gemini and Scorpio. Their smartness and intelligence allow them to make up lies quickly and efficiently, whereas their charming personality and social skills can make people trust them easily, leading them to believe their lies eventually.

9) What Are Aquarius Afraid Of?

Though an Aquarian may not say it out loud, one thing that almost every Aquarian is scared of is being left alone. This fear is present in their minds due to awareness of not being the best at emotional things. Their difficulty to emotionally connect with people can be a big hindrance in their relationship. They fear that not letting anyone in may actually lead them to be alone forever!!

Final Word

Every human being possesses something bad in them. Well, Aquarius does too! Their progressive, intellectual, and creative minds with charming personalities and social skills can be quite attractive to people, but their negative traits may actually repel them from others.

Even though they are great conversationalists, they are definitely not someone to have heart-to-heart talks with. They may lack understanding of one’s emotional point of view as they always tend to think from the logical side. Apart from these, they can be extremely indecisive and stubborn, which can make people get all frustrated with them. 

Apart from these, they are also the ones who often hold on to the negatives of a topic. Instead of looking at its good attributes, they only keep their eyes on looking for bad ones and point them out when found.

These qualities of an Aquarius make them extremely undesirable to other people. Do you agree? Or not?? 

Teertha Shetty
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