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Are You an Aquarius- Find Out Who Can Be Your Best Friend?

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Friendship is a very special connection that one always holds close to their heart. It is different from family and love. It’s just a bond that holds two people close due to different aspects. You can have many friends, but the best friends hold a place way above them. A best friend is someone who knows you from head to toe. But ever wondered if zodiacs had some role in this?? We are aware that there are particular traits that some zodiacs are bound to have!!

If we consider those as our criteria, can we make out who the perfect bestie for an Aquarius is? Let’s find out!! 

Traits That Sit Well With An Aquarius!! 

#1 Open-minded 

Aquarians are open-minded people. They love to hear opinions and view a subject from all aspects. We often see them coming to a conclusion by doing so. Hence, they are bound to grow close with people who think like them. They don’t entertain people who hold reserved and inaccurate opinions on things. Even if you contradict their point, they hope for a reasonable point rather than something illogical and baseless. So it won’t be wrong to say that a person who holds a factual and broad-minded opinion on things will most likely get close to an Aquarius!! 

Who is an Aquarius Best Friend

#2 I’m a Funny Guy!! 

Aquarians are known to hold quirky attitudes and a great sense of humor, and they will highly appreciate it if someone else has the same. They are lighthearted people who entertain themselves with humorous jokes and clever, sarcastic replies. Hence, anyone who tickles their funny bones by matching their humor and intellectual vibes is more likely to become good friends with them!! 

Who is an Aquarius Best Friend

#3 I love New Things!! 

Aquarians are curious beings who love to take up new things and want to experience different kinds of adventures. So having someone who shares a similar unique interest with them can be amazing for them!! They would love to have such friends and will probably get close to them very quickly. This is the reason why they often tend to like and hang out with people who don’t mind getting into adventures and trying things that seem fun!! 

Who is an Aquarius Best Friend

#4 Mysterious!! So Curious!! 

Aquarius loves mysterious things, it makes them curious, and they would literally spend hours unraveling them. Their curiosity remains the same when it comes to mysterious people. They feel intrigued by such people. The aura of mysterious people compels an Aquarius to know more about them and get close to them. This can definitely spark the flames of friendship!! 

Who is an Aquarius Best Friend

#5 Freedom

Aquarians love freedom, they don’t like to be tied down by people and their expectations. They love and respect privacy and would definitely not entertain unnecessary interference and clinginess in their lives. Hence, they, most probably, are to be friends with people who think the same. They can respect their freedom as well as their privacy. They won’t tie them down and would not expect them to roam around them 24/7!! 

Who is an Aquarius Best Friend

Traits That Do Not Sit Well With An Aquarius!! 

#1 Narrow-Minded People Frustrate Me!! 

Then it comes to friendships, Aquarius can be friends with anyone!! They don’t consider one’s status and money before befriending them. All they care about is your attitude and behavior. However, they may find it frustrating to be friends with someone who is snobbish. They tend to stay away from people who think too highly of themselves and are too stuck up!! It repels them!! 

Who is Aquarius Best Friend

#2 Don’t Be Cold!! 

If you categorize zodiacs that are known to be sensitive and empathetic…Aquarius is definitely not holding a place there!! They often come off as cold and aloof; however, they expect comfort and effort when it comes to their close ones, be it friends or family. They love it when someone treats them gently and tries to understand them! Of course, they don’t like clinginess, and it’s annoying to them. But gentle gestures and comfort of a friend can be a big boon towards one’s friendship with an Aquarius!!

#3 Stop Nosing Around!! 

Aquarians love to do their own things. They absolutely hate it when someone interferes in their business. They don’t understand why people even want to have every update of their life. Even though you are genuinely asking as a friend, they may take it as cross-questioning and might serve you with a cold response. Therefore, they tend to mingle less with such people!! 

What do Aquarius Don't like?

#4 Going By Rules is Too Boring!! 

Aquarians are not the ones to abide by rules. They prefer doing things on their own and hence would absolutely hate it if anyone tries to impose rules on them or force them to follow it!! People who go according to routines are seen as uninteresting and boring by Aquarians who always look out for constant changes and new opportunities. Hence, them being friends with a person whose whole life is based on rules, routines and restrictions will be less!! 

#5 Stop Binding Me!! 

Aquarians hate possessiveness. People are often possessive towards their friends. They would not take it if their friend turned or even talked to someone. They may feel threatened and try to bind their friend and convince them to stay away from others. If you are such a person, then an Aquarius may never be close to you. They hate it when people tie them down. They may actually take your possessiveness in the wrong way and may have some serious arguments with you, which may not end well.

What traits do Aquarius Don't like?

Zodiacs That Can An Aquarius’ Best Friend!! 

Above were the few traits that an Aquarius may love to have and not have in their friends, respectively. Since we look into these traits, now let’s match them with certain zodiacs and come up with zodiacs that can be best friends of an Aquarius!! 

Best friend match of an Aquarius is-


In need of a pretty free and interesting best friend? Well, Aries is just perfect!! They are one of the zodiacs that can be best friends with Aquarius because of their impulsive personalities. They constantly look out for changes. They don’t back out from challenges and would love to try new things for fun. This makes them a very good accomplice to an Aquarius. Apart from this, they are very social towards people. Their social skills make them click fast and lead them to have a great time together. 


Both Gemini and Aquarians are known to have very few close friends. They both are water bearers and tend to hold extreme affinities towards each other. They both tend to share the same enthusiasm and curiosity for things which makes them compatible with each other as besties. 


Even though these two signs are completely different, they can still hold onto a great friendship bond!! They tend to have bonds that make them feel enthusiastic and complete in each other’s presence. Leos can bring an Aquarius on the right track and avoid their aloofness. These two zodiacs tend to admire and appreciate each other’s capabilities. Leos help an Aquarius to understand and relate to emotions. 


The biggest boon to an Aquarius – Libra friendship is their intellect. Both are intellectual signs that tend to value knowledge. They can hold great conversations on things of their interest. They can talk about everything and can tend to hold great bonds through their conversations. 


Sagittarius is a sign that holds a broad perspective towards people and thoughts. Their open-mindedness is something that Aquarius love. Their social skills and thoughts over justice can make them click well with an Aquarius. Their friendship can make them enjoy each other’s company and have an exciting time together!! 


Being friends with the same sign can be exciting, especially if you are an Aquarius. Nothing will be awkward and strange in their relationship. They can match each other’s vibe very well and can have a fun time together. They might find themselves quite similar to each other, which may bring a sense of assurance and remove the idea of awkwardness in their friendship. They will be like those free, adventurous, and social birds who will do anything and everything together. 

Worst Enemies of an Aquarius!! 

While reading about besties and friendships, it becomes important for us to know about those zodiacs that an Aquarius might not want to associate themselves with. Let’s look into those signs- 


Taurus and Aquarius?  Well, it’s rare to find these combinations in friendships. Taurus usually consists of possessive and narrow-minded people, which can be frustrating for an Aquarius who holds a free and independent mindset. They hate to be tied down. Hence, they may not click well with a Taurus. 

Who are Aquarius Worst Enemies


In a Scorpio and Aquarius relationship, their stubbornness is their main enemy. Both these signs are stubborn in their own ways and would not give up a fight. This leads to the emotions of frustrations and irritation in their relationship which can not lead to friendships!!

Who is Aquarius Worst Enemy

We Wanna Know!! 

1) What are the signs that are seen as the best friend of an Aquarius?

The zodiac signs that are seen as the best friend of an Aquarius are-

• Aries

• Gemini 

• Leo 

• Libra

• Sagittarius 

• Aquarius

Final Words

Having a best friend is a blessing!! These bonds are seen as something very special and pure. The more they know about each other, the closer and stronger your bond gets. You can just be yourselves when you are with your bestie. No shame and no impressions!! Just fun!!

Ever wondered what an Aquarius bestie would be like? Well, they would love to have people who understand them and respect their privacy, who can be a partner in their crimes and be ready for every adventure they have in their way.

There are a few signs that can hold the place of best friends in an Aquarius’ life. Those are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius!! What do you think?? Will they match the pace of an Aquarius? 

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