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You’ll Thank Us – Things You Didn’t Know About Aquarius And Aries Compatibility

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Aquarius and Aries are opposite signs in the zodiac, hence the compatability might look a bit bleaker on the outside. The classic matches of the zodiac are opposites, like Pisces and Scorpio. These two signs share one thing in common; they’re both Water signs. Together these two Water signs could create an airy, unpredictable, and creative existence that may be a little bit more stable than they would be on their own.

The energy of Aries, when combined with the vision of Aquarius, will surely be dynamic and exciting. Don’t you think? But what if they clash? What if the energetic persona of Aries overwhelms the other? Will they still be compatible enough? Will they be a good match? Will they get along?

Let’s analyze the compatibility of Aquarius and Aries with certain aspects and check them ourselves.

How Compatible are Aquarius and Aries in a Relationship?

The sun in the sky casts its light on the earth. It brings forth life and growth. As winter looms, it is time for people to reflect on their lives with the help of this natural light. If you are an Aries, there may be one question you ask yourself in your reflection: Did I lead my Aquarius enough?

On that note, let’s delve deeper into the compatibility aspect between Aquarius and Aries…

How Initimate Can Aquarius And Aries Get?

In the initial stages, there is a high chance that the Aquarius and Aries may feel attracted to each other. An Aries usually has an attractive aura around themselves that makes them instantly likable to anyone, including Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius’ creative and visionary thinking can make Aries admire them. At the beginning of their relationship, they may feel as if they belong with each other, but as time passes, they may realize they are not. 

If they are willing to take their initiatives and talk it out, they may overcome these differences and live a long life full of love. But if not, they may break it off.

Sex between an Aquarius and Aries can be quite intense and stressful. They often try new things to please themselves, which can be pretty exciting to both of them. However, in this urge to try new things, they may often isolate themselves from ‘lovemaking.’ The sex between them is often emotionless and driven by lust.

A relationship is nothing but an emotional roaler coaster. But it’s not until you cater to each other’s emotions that you get to enjoy a happy relationship. Read on how well do Aquarius and Aries get along on an emotional level.

Love and Intimacy Compatibility

How Emotional Do Aquarius and Aries Get – Emotional Compatibility

An Aquarius – Aries relationship can be pretty chaotic and complicated when it comes to emotions. These complications may arise due to their differences in needs and want for affection. It often takes time for Aquarius to open up themselves. Hence they would like their partner to be understanding and patient, but Aries, who pretty much expect and crave their partner’s affection, may misunderstand this as a lack of interest.

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

How Do Aries And Aquarius Get Along On The Intellectual Level?

It is very interesting to see an Aries communicating with an Aquarius or vice versa. They have so many fresh topics to talk about and have such excitement to go on further. Both the signs consist of open-minded people. Hence they may click and become good friends at the initial stage itself. Though they may have differences and arguments, if they communicate and try to understand each other, they may be fine in no time. 

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

How Much Do Aquarius And Aries Trust Each Other?

Trust is the most needed factor when it comes to strengthening the bond of any relationship. You share everything with someone loyal and trustworthy to you. In the case of Aries and Aquarius, both are considered very loyal to their close ones. Hence, they may hold a great amount of trust between them. In a love relationship, they may probably not cheat and be honest with each other since they find that much easier than making up lies.

Though they may not cheat, they can opt for an open relationship, but it can create a problem since Aries can be pretty much possessive of their loved ones and can find it hard to see their partner with someone else. To strengthen trust, any relationship needs some values to hold onto. The cornerstone for a happy relationship is how valuable do you hold the other person in your life? When it comes to Aquarius and Aries, though the chances are bleak, encouring values over desires can boost their compatibility to another level.

Speaking of values…

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

The Values Aquarius and Aries Hold – Value Compatibility

Freedom is one thing that both these zodiacs value. They love being free and independent, but these values may not be that important for Aries in the long run. They may want their partner all to themselves and may unknowingly restrict their partner’s freedom in this process. 

An Aquarius – Aries pair is known to be highly compatible as friends. Their rebellious and free-spirited personalities complement each other very well. Their friendship will be full of freshness and fun. They are always up for something new and exciting.

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

The Shared Activities Between Aquarius and Aries

Both these zodiacs are big suckers for trying out new and different things. Hence, it would be a waste to keep these curious beings constrained in four walls. They should often try outdoor activities as it may bring a sense of freedom to them. It also brings them closer to each other and strengthens their bond.

Aquarius Compatibility With Aries

Are Aries And Aquarius Good Match?

When it comes to Aquarius, they often find themselves binding well with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. In contrast, Aries can hook well with Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a good match. As long as they are willing to work on their differences and respect each other’s boundaries, they can work out really well together.

Do Aries And Aquarius Fight? 

They can fight due to differences in some issues, and it can turn into pretty big arguments. In such situations, Aquarius may often build a wall between them, but if their bond is strong enough from both sides, they will be back on track in no time.

Aries and Aquarius are highly compatible as friends. But when it comes to love, their journey may not be as easy. If they are still willing to hold on to one other and are ready to embrace each other’s differences, they can work well and be together for very long. 

Teertha Shetty
Teertha Shetty
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