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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Aquarius Spirit Animal

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Aquarius is one of the most unique and beautiful people you will meet in your life. They are mysterious yet easy-going and social. You may know them but still not know them. Sounds confusing? Well, not my fault, that’s how they are! They can be unpredictable at times!  They are smart, intelligent, and very quirky. They can hold some of the most extended and most interesting conversations with you and still won’t let you know about them or their emotions unless you are very close to them. These unique and out-of-the-box traits of an Aquarius don’t let us categorize them into one single category. Due to this, we can’t compare an Aquarius with a single animal. We have to take a few of them into consideration. Understanding the symbol and spirit animal will help us to clear out our assumptions and ideas about the zodiac sign Aquarius. 

What Is The Aquarius Spirit Animal? 

There are many spirit animals for this zodiac sign. Let’s look into some and try to relate how they match with this zodiac. 

1. Dolphins

Oh, I love them!! These happy creatures never fail to grab one’s attention towards them. Their joyous and cheerful nature can make anyone fall in love with them!! Aquarius’ personality can be similar to this.  They can be very social and often tend to mingle in any crowd or surrounding. They know how to hold your interest. Their positive energy can often attract people around them. Even if you are upset, they can lift your moods and make you happy!! By seeing these traits, it’s not hard for us to compare them with dolphins. 

Aquarius Spirit Animal

2. Spiders

Spiders can be considered as a spirit animal for an Aquarius because of their talent and creativity. The way they create a web for themselves or rather their prey is very creative of them. They are surely gifted for doing so. Aquarius is not really open about their life and would often like to keep their secrets and privacy to very few people. They don’t like it when someone pries in their life, just like a spider, who traps those prying creatures and stops them from meddling further. 

Aquarius Spirit Animal

3. Otters

One thing to look forward to from an Aquarius is the way they cherish their freedom and independence. They are not someone who would come under the influence of other people. They don’t care about other people’s thoughts on them. They only focus on what they like and do what they please. They choose their own path and walk on it. This trait is the same as an otter which makes it a perfect spirit animal of an Aquarius. Apart from independence, they also share the trait of creativity and know-how to have fun. Both of them can be very picky with their choices and be untamable.

Aquarius Spirit Animal

What Does The Aquarius Symbol Represent?

It is important to note that Aquarius is one of those few zodiac signs not symbolized by an animal. OK! If not animals, then what? Water? Actually yes!! 

Aquarius is an air-fixed zodiac sign which is actually symbolized by water bearers. What do these water bearers represent? 

Well, they represent the flow of energy. It is not hard to notice that an Aquarius has its own way of lighting up people’s moods. No matter who the other person is or how much they know them, within a matter of a few minutes, they can make them comfortable with them and bring them to their wavelengths. They just have that level of social skills!! The excitement and energy that they hold within them will flow to people around them just like water. Every person around them will garner an immense amount of excitement through them and actually have fun!! 

Apart from the flow, water also has the capability to exert pressure on the containers they are held by. Similar to this,  the energy and excitement that Aquarius holds within themselves make them willing to try new things constantly! They don’t like to stay constant and want to keep doing certain things that intrigue or entertain them. This character also makes them extremely constructive towards doing things that actually interest them and avoid doing things that they find boring! They will often perceive things that they find cool or good and would try to change and evolve themselves. This can lead to them becoming completely different people from their previous one. 

Aquarius Spirit Animal

Which Planet Rules Over The Zodiac Sign Aquarius? 

Every zodiac sign is ruled by planets known to impart certain traits and are said to influence the lives of the people born under this month or zodiac sign. 

Aquarius, the zodiac sign placed in the eleventh position of the charts, is ruled by the planet Uranus. This planet is equivalent to the Greek Titan, who is the god of the sky. Hence, the relation between this zodiac sign and the sky becomes clearer and more accurate. Maybe they are often picturized as free beings due to their relation with the god of the sky!! Them being an air-fixed sign can also be due to this planet’s influence. 

From a mythological point of view, Uranus was the grandfather of Zeus. He was the father of Cronus and the god of the sky! No wonder the sky intrigues an Aquarius!! 

Just like how a sky is vast and free, similarly, the people under this zodiac sign are also known as free-spirited beings who always lookout for opportunities. 

Uranus is said to impart intelligence leading them to become great scientists and inventors. This ruler makes them curious about discovering and making new things to find out the secrets of the world!! 

Apart from Uranus, even Saturn is said to be the planet that rules this zodiac sign. Uranus is a day ruler, whereas Saturn is a night ruler. It influences and imposes a sense of practicality and resilience in an Aquarius and makes them strong enough to face any problem and solve it logically!!

Aquarius Spirit Animal

We Wanna Know!! 

1) What Is Aquarius' Superpower?

The best thing about Aquarius is their power of discipline and practicality. Discipline makes them sincere and determined towards any work they do. No wonder they can achieve anything they wish for if they genuinely put some effort into it. Being a Saturn ruled zodiac sign, these people showcase amazing traits of practicality and logicality. When combined with their intellect and smartness, this practical approach makes something beautiful within them, which leads them to have one of the best pieces of advice and solutions to problems. 

2) What Pet Should An Aquarius Get?

Buying a pet takes a lot of thought!! Aquarius needs to be well aware of their situation and their choices before buying a pet. If they are busy people, it’s better to adopt a pet that doesn’t need much attention. If you are low on prices and finances, you have to make sure you get an animal that may not require a lot of spending. Apart from that, an Aquarius should also make sure they mesh well with their lifestyle. 

Talking about what kind of pet can be loved by an Aquarius?  Well, they love all kinds of animals, but some unique pet choices may actually melt their hearts. Therefore, Birds and other such animals are best suited for them. If they prefer common pets like dogs and cats, energetic and smart breeds like poodles may be best. 

3) What Are Spirit Animals?

In many traditions and cultures, a person is said to have a spirit animal who shares almost similar traits with this person. The spirit animal is like a guide to individuals and will help them with their journeys and problems. It is also seen as a messenger or teacher in an animal and is said to hold a personal relationship with them. An individual can have one spirit animal or more than that!! 

4) Why Do Aquarius Have So Many Spirit Animals?

Aquarius is a zodiac sign that has many spirit animals. This is due to the fact that Aquarius has a personality that is too different from others.  They are freedom-lovers who don’t like getting bound to a place. They are intelligent, quirky, progressive, and strong-headed people. They don’t care if people judge them and will only do what they like. Even though they are very social and meet with many people, they still have this mysterious aura around them, which doesn’t let the other person completely know what they are! Due to all these qualities possessed by the Aquarius sign, it becomes hard to categorize them into a single category. As a result, they have many spirit animals that match their traits!! 

Final Words

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius is known for the very intriguing qualities that they possess. This leads them to have more than one spirit animal. Their spirit animals can be sea-happy creatures like dolphins or can be arachnids like spiders and otters. These animals have been chosen as their spirit animals because they tend to share some of their traits. Aquarius is a fixed air sign that represents water bearers. Just like water, they tend to flow their energies and excitement to others. This energy and excitement always make them want to learn new things and change themselves accordingly. This zodiac sign is ruled by two planets that are Uranus and Saturn. These two planets impart their power on Aquarius and are known to influence their lives!!

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