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Why Is Aquarius A Karmic Sign?

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Ever heard of karma? Of course, you must have!!  After all, who doesn’t know the phrase ‘karma is a bitch’?  We often find people telling us not to take karma lightly as it might bite us one day. But is karma a bad thing?  Is it something we should be scared of? Or is it just a myth? Adding to this, what if I say your zodiac sign has something to do with karma?

Since our article deals with the Aquarius sign, we will be only focusing on that part.  However, before moving to that section, let’s take a look at what Aquarius and karma are! 

What Is Aquarius? 

Aquarius (January 20- February 18) is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn in astrological terms.  They are water bearers and are often known for their intelligence and sharp-witted personality. These people carry minds that are full of ideas and different perspectives.

Aquarius and Karma

They see the world in a broader view and are very much willing to do something for it. Their ways can be quite unusual and unpredictable for some people. But despite that, they can be very charming. They love taking risks and are quite vocal about their opinions. However, they may not voice out their feelings and vulnerability.  

They can be good with conversations but would hesitate to discuss their matters. They can be brutally honest at times and may give you an unbiased opinion about something. However, this may make them come off as cold and rude.  These people often love to have their alone time. 

Hence, they may even seem distant. Apart from all this, they can be quite stubborn and would not admit their defeat in any discussion. They love freedom and might not believe in being emotionally grounded. Though they may fail to express their feelings initially, they tend to open up with time.

What Is Karma? 

In the beginning, I have asked the question of whether karma is bad or not? Well, to answer that, it’s not karma that is good or bad but your deeds!!  

The term ‘karma’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘deed’ or ‘action.’ It works on Newton’s third law principle: every action has an equal and opposite reaction! However,  what Newton explained there was not exactly this. Here, it is more like whatever deed, be it a virtue or a sin, that you have committed will have its own consequences. In other words, your good intentions or deeds will let you gain good results in the future, whereas bad intent and deeds will ultimately lead you to have a not-so-content life.  

What is Karmic Rebirth

In Vedic astrology, the concept of karma is based on the concept of rebirths. That means whatever good or bad deeds you have committed in your past lives may affect your present lives.

Similarly, whatever deeds you have attempted in your present lives will be affecting your future lives positively or negatively. That’s why maybe some people feel like they gain nothing despite their full dedication and efforts, whereas others may gain everything without even trying much? Who knows? 

The Concept Of Good And Bad Karma

This philosophy of karma and rebirth is strongly believed in Indian religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, and Taoism. They believe that one’s deeds done in past lives will lead them to have that quality of life in the future. This deed is basically what they call good or bad karma.

This belief is also followed by people in western culture that strongly believe that one’s action will let them gain their respective consequences.

What is Karma

How can we know if we have committed a good or bad deed in our past lives?? How do we know where, when, and how we will face problems in our present lives due to these deeds? 

Well, your birth details can!  Most astrologers believe that our birth date, day, and place have some sort of hints in it that will lead us to have a clear idea about our future issues and problems. By taking certain details like birthplace, day, date, and time will lead them to create a chart that will depict the issues and benefits in certain parts and relationships of their life. 

Karma’s Play With Aquarius

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by ‘Rahu’ along with Saturn. What is ‘Rahu’? In astrology, Rahu is the north lunar node (ascending). Though it has no typical shape, along with ‘Ketu,’ they are known as shadow planets. Rahu is usually known for reflecting its shadow for 18 months in any zodiac and can create confusion, depression, and anxiety when kept in the wrong places of the horoscope. 

How does Karma impact your life

Coming back to Aquarius, being co-ruled by Rahu and Saturn, this sign may tend to have a mixture of the energies emitted by these planets. Due to this, it becomes mandatory to consider both these planets when their charts are taken into consideration. 

The roles that these two play in an Aquarius’ life can be quite negative if placed in the wrong positions. Both these planets are known to bring fear and anxiety into one’s life. Saturn is known to bring fear and anxiety in real-life situations. It can be in the form of fear of losing their close ones, losing their money, or even their job. 

On the other hand, Rahu brings fear and anxiety in the form of virtual or delusional problems. It can be fear that emits when you are alone in darkness or fear of ghosts. Hence,  there is a high chance of an Aquarius suffering from depression, insecurity, fear, and anxiety during such circumstances. 

Can Aquarius Have a Great Life?

Being the 11th position in zodiac charts, Aquarius is a ‘giveaway’ sign. It represents giving away their gains and sacrificing certain things in life. It can be in a negative or positive way and need not be materialistic things like money or gold. You can call it something else too. 

How's Your Life Ahead?

For example, an Aquarius can sacrifice his body. Wait that sounds wrong!! They may not literally give away their body. Rather they may do it in indirect ways. Like they can give away their body and its energy for work in order to give their family a perfect life. That’s good, right!! Not necessarily!! If their planets are in the wrong places, they may lose something else too. Reconsidering the same example, this perfect life of Aquarius may turn upside down if they lose themselves in work and forget to spend their time with closed ones! 

These are all negative implications of having the wrong planets and karma. However, an Aquarius can have a great life too. When planets like Jupiter and Venus, especially Jupiter, are involved with this sign, then the sacrifice may turn into a donation.

In other words, the Aquarius will have so much for themselves that they wouldn’t mind sharing it with someone else. They may be up for donation, adoption, or any other such things. It’s all their karma that leads them to have certain elements and planets in their charts for some time. 

Aquarius – Time To Pull Your Socks!

Aquarius is a zodiac sign full of eccentricity and curiosity. They may seem closed-off people, but in reality, they may be pretty intellectual and broad-minded.  They won’t judge and may give you some unbiased and honest opinions. However, this is just their personality. Their karma will decide how they may lead their life. Aquarius is a giving-away sign. Their karma may lead them to give away their gains.

How can I prepare for the future>

However, it depends on their deeds and planets that make their gains a donation or sacrifice. Some may have to give up everything due to their bad deeds or the wrong planets in the wrong positions. Such sacrifices may affect them negatively in all aspects of life, be it health-wise,  relationship-wise, or even mental-wise.  This loss may not just be materialistic things. It can be losing a closed one or losing the peace in one’s life too. 

But if your elements,  planets, or deeds are good enough, you may have to donate, but it’s not a big issue since it won’t cause you any harm. Again, it’s not necessarily materialistic things that one might have to give. You may call it something else too. 

In short, a person’s deed may lead them to have certain planets in their charts that may cause them to have certain benefits or losses in every aspect of their life. Hence, do good!! Who knows, you may get repaid soon in the present or next life!! 

We Wanna Know!!

1) Is Aquarius A Karmic Sign?

Aquarius can be considered as karmic as the nodes of the moon rule it. The two planets that rule this zodiac are Rahu and Saturn.

2) What Is A Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is a passionate relationship that is full of ups and downs. This relationship is related to karma because it teaches us to face the problems and their consequences and leads us to the right path. 

3) Is A Karmic Relationship Good?

It is! It teaches you the way to lead your relationship to the right path. It makes you realize and learn from your mistakes. 

4) How does a karmic relationship with Aquarius feel?

A karmic relationship with Aquarius may need you to put all your efforts and might make you go to some great lengths. Aquarius is not a great emotional reader. Hence you might have to confront your fears and emotions. 

5) Are Aquarius and Scorpio karmic?

Yes, they are!! They exist in co-rulership with nodes of the moon and are ruled by two planets. This makes them karmic. 

Teertha Shetty
Teertha Shetty
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